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Water Conservation

Water Conservation

SMU takes water conservation initiatives very seriously as a part of a dedicated sustainability program.  Listed below are some of the components of the comprehensive program.

Water Leaks

All campus restrooms are inspected every 3 months for plumbing leaks and related problems.  
Staff daily monitor for leaks in all campus restrooms.

Researchers and staff monitor for plumbing leaks in research and teaching labs and janitorial closets.  Reported problems are addressed within three working days.

Rain Water Recovery

Rain water is captured from the roof of Patterson Hall and subsequently used to water lawns and flowerbeds. This successful program is being expanded to include other buildings on campus.

Fin Water Recovery

Fin water, also known as condensation, is recovered at 10 locations on campus to be used in the campus chiller water system. This reduces water demand and improves the quality of indoor air by eliminating potential mold conditions resulting from air handling unit drains.

Cooling Water

Water used to cool ice machines and walk-in coolers is being recycled rather than going down the drain. This has led to a savings of more than 1 million gallons a year.  
Water nozzles used in cooling towers are high-distribution nozzles and result in a more efficient use of water to cool buildings.