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Evening Programs Initiatives Contributions (EPIC)

EPIC funds have been allocated to support student-initiated late night programs that promote safe and responsible social interaction and behavior on and around the SMU campus. Primary consideration is given to proposals that are designed to best support the mission of the Student Affairs Drug and Alcohol Task Force Recommendations. 

Applications for funds are closed for Spring 2014.

Funding Criteria

To be considered for funding events must be:

  • Social, recreational or entertainment-based
  • Scheduled for a Wednesday, Thursday, Friday or Saturday
  • Scheduled to conclude after 10:30 pm. If the event doesn’t conclude after this time, the committee  reserves the right to not fund the event and any other future events put up by the organization
  • Open to the entire SMU student population
  • Held in a public venue, on or off campus.
  • Alcohol-free or non alcohol centered
  • Scheduled during the academic semester (excludes reading days and finals).
  • Proposals that best support the mission Alcohol and Drug Task Force Recommendations.
  • Events that are free to students.
  • Events targeting a niche not typically filled in order to promote new and innovative programming options options. Preference will be given to on-campus events that allow student participation and engagement
  • Events bringing two or more groups together in a collaborative effort.
  • EPIC logo must be included in all advertising
  • 50% or more attendees for the event need to be from the SMU community. The committee reserves the right to not fund any events that do not provide data/evidence of their attendance.
  • Events cannot be fundraisers
  • EPIC funds are usually received as reimbursements and all the receipts need to be submitted only by the contact person listed on the form. The checks are ready 10 days after the receipts/invoices are submitted.

How to Apply

  • Be sure to complete all sections, obtain the authorized signatures and provide a detailed breakdown of the event budget. Failure to do so could delay the review of your application.
  • Attendance and a presentation at the EPIC committee meeting may be required by the committee chair.
  • Applications must be received by Monday at 5:00 p.m. (three weeks in advance of the event. NOTE: If you submit the application on any other day of the week apart from Monday, it will be considered for the following Monday and the 3 weeks will be counted from that Monday). You will hear back from the committee a week after your submission on a Monday.
  • The EPIC Committee will meet every week to review applications and hear program presentations when applicable.
  • Provide a detailed budget (including cost per person) for the expenses to be covered by EPIC and other funding sources. In addition, an advertising plan and the agenda for the event is required.

EPIC Facts

  1. Awards are based on the discretion of the EPIC committee
  2. Awards may extend up to $3000
  3. Monies will not be granted for the purchasing of equipment, costumes or prizes.
  4. A copy of a detailed event budget is required as part of the application process.
  5. A representative from the event or organization must be available to present the proposal if required to the EPIC committee. Meeting dates and times may vary each week.
  6. The organization will be notified of the committee’s decision a week after the application submission on a Monday unless a presentation is required.
  7. Acceptance of EPIC funds requires that the student organization complete an EPIC evaluation form ( and event feedback surveys within one week after the sponsored event.

EPIC Reimbursement Process

  1. Receipts/invoices related to your event must be submitted only by the contacts listed on the EPIC form.
  2. Submit itemized receipts of all your expenditures within a week after your event
  3. If you need the checks prior to the event, the invoices have to be submitted at least 10 days in advance
  4. Use EPIC reimbursement form to submit receipts/invoices
  5. Submit W9 form of the person/company to whom the check will be cut out
  6. While making purchases, submit SMU’s tax exemption form to the vendors so you are not charged for taxes as EPIC will not reimburse the tax amount
  7. Submit event evaluation form and EPIC event feedback survey within 2 days after your event


Questions should be directed to:

Mona Alluri
Coordinator for Late Night Programs and EPIC Committee Chair