Counseling Services


The mission of SMU Counseling Services is to offer SMU students a broad range of outpatient services, which are confidential and sensitive to issues of race, ethnicity, age, gender, sexual orientation, religious preference, and disabilities. Counseling Services promotes healthy student development and functioning via a comprehensive and collaborative approach to treatment. Counseling Services staff work closely together to provide four different levels of care: proactive/preventative education, evaluation, brief psychotherapy, and psychiatric consultation. In addition to the clinical services provided, counseling services staff also serve an integral function within the university community through involvement in various other aspects of student life and development including, but not limited to, teaching undergraduate courses, advising student organizations, participating in student affairs committees, implementing psycho-educational presentations & programs, and training doctoral-level psychology interns.


Staff members seek to provide an open, supportive atmosphere in which individuals feel free to express feelings and communicate problems. It is our belief that all persons should be accepted for who they are, and we recognize and encourage each individual's potential for personal growth and change. Concern and respect for each person's needs is paramount.