Semester Online


Semester Online courses and SMU Credit

Visit the Semester Online website for the course offerings. Carefully note the Semester Online class meeting days and times, including the time zone. Semester Online courses require online class participation as well as off-line preparation work.

To enroll for a Semester Online course eligible undergraduate students must apply and enroll through Semester Online and petition and enroll for the course equivalency at SMU. Spaces are limited and enrollment is on a first-come basis. If approved for enrollment, a student will be enrolled in the Semester Online course under a SMU course subject and number, and the course will appear on their SMU academic record with a note that the course was completed through the Semester Online program and taught by the school which offered the course.  For the most part SMU calendar and academic policies apply for Semester Online course enrollments. (Please note that the course enrollment also will be recorded on an academic record at the school teaching the course, and that this record will be maintained in accordance with that school’s academic policies.)

Semester Online courses are graded on a letter grade basis, and the final grade will be calculated in the student's SMU cumulative GPA. Pass/Fail is not available for Semester Online courses.

The SEMESTER ONLINE @ SMU COURSE GUIDE shows the SMU course and how it will count at SMU. Students should discuss how a Semester Online course fits into their program of study with their academic adviser or school records officer.