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Big iDeas

Do you think BIG?

Do you have big ideas that bring value to society? Are they viable and sustainable?

Want to realize it? Make it happen?

Big iDeas has big bucks for students like you!

Here's how it works

Develop your idea. Form the team you need to make it happen. Submit it to the Big iDeas Pitch Contest or Business Plan competition.

Big iDeas is open to undergraduates of all majors. It involves a founding team with a principal investigator (PI). The PI must be an undergraduate for the duration of the project phase.

What are the Pitch Contest and Business Plan Competition?

Big iDeas Pitch Contest: Get your idea off the ground. Pitch it for a chance at $1000 seed money and three months to build a prototype or pilot program.
Big iDeas Business Plan Competition: Turn your prototype or pilot into a business plan. Pitch it to a panel of business experts for $5000 and one year to get it started.






Sep 11
What's your business model?,
2:30 pm, CUBE 
Sep 11
Will you make money?,
4 pm, CUBE 
Sep 18
Will they like it?,
2:30 pm, CUBE 
Sep 18
Will they come back?,
4 pm, CUBE 
Sep 24  Pitching Like a Pro, 3 pm, CUBE 
Oct 2

Hilltop Scholars Challenge, 3 pm, CUBE
Oct 23  Pitching Like a Pro, 3 pm, CUBE
Oct 29
Big iDeas pitch ideas due at 5 pm
Oct 30

Big iDeas Pitch Contest, 2 pm,  
HT Forum 
Nov 6

What's a Big iDeas Business Plan,     3 pm, CUBE
Jan 22  Pitching Like a Pro, 3 pm, CUBE 
Jan 25
Business Plans due at 5 pm
Jan 29

Big iDeas Demo Day Fair and
Business Plan Competition, 12 pm, CUBE
Mar 18
Big iDeas Business Plan winners tell their stories, 3 pm, CUBE



Earn University Curriculum Credit


The CUBE is where ideas happen, an idea and small business incubator. It has furnished studio space and break-out rooms.

It is run by students for students.

The CUBE is located in Expressway Tower, Suite 600, 6116 N Central Expressway and open anytime upon request. It is the location of Big iDeas events.

CUBE interactive website! 


CUBE Fridays

CUBE Fridays are a recurring events with mini-workshops, talks, and other resources for students working on Big iDeas, CGI U, Engaged Learning and other creative community projects.

Coming Soon: Fall 2016 Line-Up:

Aug 28 What's a Big iDea?
Dec 4 What's a Big iDeas Business Plan?