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Cuba - U.S. shift: 'It shouldn't have taken this long.'

Map of U.S. and Cuba
Jeffrey Engel, director of SMU’s Center for Presidential History, says decades-old US policy on Cuba demonstrates a fundamental flaw in American strategy. Read more.

Featured News & Experts

Blue Light study

Blue Light Effect
Blue light from artificial lighting and electronic devices knocks circadian rhythms off-kilter, causing a variety of problems for people, crops and even migratory animals.


Immigration Experts
SMU faculty offer expert commentary on the humanitarian, legal and moral issues in play as the immigration debate continues.

David Chard

How to Teach
Simmons Dean David Chard asks Congress and the country to embrace evidence-based education methods.

Holiday Stress

Yikes! It's the Holidays!
SMU experts offer suggestions for helping make the season a little less stressful.

Oldest Christmas Card

Oldest Card
SMU is home to the oldest mass-produced Christmas card – dating back more than 160 years.


Earthquake Detectives
An SMU team led by Prof. Heather DeShon is trying to uncover the truth about North Texas earthquakes.