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The Race for the White House

Republicans and Democrats
As the marathon of debates and elections continues, SMU political experts are providing insightful perspectives and interpretations of it all . . . Read more. 

Featured News & Experts

Text in lost language may reveal god or goddess worshipped by Etruscans at ancient temple

Ancient Etruscan Find
Researchers working in Italy have found what may be a rare sacred text that yields rich details about Etruscan worship.

foosball table

Foosball Fun
Students from different schools team up to build a foosball table in Lyle's Deason Innovation Gym.  

Adrés Ruzo

Jungle Explorer
Ph.D. student Adrés Ruzo chased the legend of the boiling river until he found the real thing.  

summer camps

SMU Summer Camps 2016
SMU offers a slate of summer camps for kids and teens, from art to athletics to science.

Appalachian Spring by Martha Graham performed by the SMU Meadows Dance Ensemble

Meadows at the Winspear
SMU Meadows dancers will be the first to perform Martha Graham’s iconic choreography for "Appalachian Spring" on May 11.

Bruce Bullock

Gasoline Prices Rising
Bruce Bullock of SMU's Maguire Energy Institute talks about the seasonal rise in gasoline prices.

Stephanie Martin and Evan McCormick

Spanish-Speaking Experts
SMU election experts Stephanie Martin and Evan McCormick are fluent in Spanish and available for interviews.

SMU Student Theatre Art

Arts Vibrancy Rankings
SMU's National Center for Arts Research ranks the arts vibrancy of over 900 communities across the country.


The Cruz-Kasich Deal

"What this means is you have two candidates utterly admitting they have no chance to win the nomination through the will of the voters, so their only way to get the nomination is through backroom dealing," says SMU political expert Stephanie Martin. Read more . . .

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