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The MayTerm 2017 course list is now available!

Reminders for Enrolled Students

Enrollment for MayTerm 2017 on the Dallas Campus
opens Monday, April 10 at 12:01am.

Enrolled students should review the following MayTerm information before the first day of class:

  1. Campus Housing – If you currently reside on campus and require housing during MayTerm, you should send an email to to make arrangements.

  2. Tuition – When enrolled, your account was automatically charged for MayTerm tuition ($3,981 for a 3 credit hour course; $1,327 for a PRW course; $5,308 for HDEV 1401). Students with eligible merit scholarship and/or grant aid should request prorated amounts to be applied to their account by filling out the Undergraduate Summer Term Request for Financial Aid Form.  For information on eligibility and posting of financial aid to student accounts, contact the Financial Aid Office. The tuition due date is in early May; see the Bursar's Office due dates (pay as you would for any other semester). After that date, an additional fee will be assessed for late payments. All outstanding student accounts should be settled prior to the first day of class.

  3. Class Calendar – MayTerm 2017 begins on Thursday, May 18. The time and location of your classroom is available on my.SMU. All MayTerm courses meet for 11 class days and conclude on Friday, June 2. Please note that there are no weekend classes (including Memorial Day).

  4. Parking – If you parked on campus during the Spring 2017 semester (with an SMU decal), your parking pass will cover parking through the summer. Otherwise, you will need to obtain a parking permit through SMU Parking Services.

  5. Syllabus/Textbooks – Review your course syllabus by clicking on your course title within the list of MayTerm Courses. If your course requires textbook(s), please buy these ahead of the start of class (at the SMU Bookstore or any source you choose). Many courses have advanced reading assignments. For questions related to your specific course, please contact your professor directly and be on the lookout for emails that s/he may send.

  6. Change in Plans – If your plans change and you are unable to participate in MayTerm, you cannot drop your MayTerm course using my.SMU.  Follow this link and complete the online form to cancel enrollment.  Once completed, you will receive an email receipt confirming your cancellation.  Please retain this receipt for your records.

  7. Refunds/Cancellations – Please be aware that there are strict deadlines related to refunds and cancellation/withdrawal from MayTerm. For more information, review: MayTerm Financial Information. MayTerm Refund Policies and MayTerm Drop/Withdrawal Deadlines may be found at the bottom of the page.

  8. Disability Accommodations – If you require disability accommodations for MayTerm, please follow the same procedures as in other terms. Please complete SMU’s Accommodation Letter Request Form.

  9. Pass/Fail Option – If you are interested in taking your MayTerm course Pass/Fail, please consult with your advisor. MayTerm is considered an “intersession” term and requires students to declare Pass/Fail no later than the second class day (Friday, May 19). Review the Registrar’s instructions here.