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The MayTerm 2016 Course List is now available!

Enrollment Process

MayTerm Enrollment Process for SMU Students
(non-SMU students, please scroll to the bottom of this page)

All students will enroll themselves through my.SMU beginning Monday, April 4, at 12:01 a.m. By enrolling in MayTerm courses, students agree to abide by all of the MayTerm policies as stated on this website.

  1. You should first meet with your academic advisor to identify your preferred MayTerm course and some alternate choices. Some courses fill quickly and others may be cancelled due to insufficient enrollment or for other reasons, so you need to identify additional course options.
  2. Courses will be visible in my.SMU beginning on Monday, March 7, at which point you may load your courses (preferred and alternate) in you “shopping cart.” Please be aware that this does not guarantee a seat in the course, nor constitute official enrollment.
  3. On Monday, April 4, at 12:01 a.m. you will be able to enroll in one MayTerm course through my.SMU (regardless of your spring enrollment appointment).  Enroll as soon as possible to secure a seat in your preferred course.  If your first choice is full, you may enroll in an alternate course, or join the “waitlist” for your first choice.
  4. If you have any holds on your account, you will need to clear them prior to enrollment.  Don’t forget to complete the SMU Rights and Responsibilities agreement,
  5. The priority enrollment deadline is Friday, April 22. After this date, some courses may be cancelled due to low enrollment, so it is in your best interest to enroll prior to this deadline. Enrollment after this date will still be possible if seats are available.
  6. Should you wish to swap your MayTerm course or enroll after the priority deadline, you may do so through my.SMU until the day before classes start (Wednesday, May 11) assuming a seat is still available.  If you enroll after May 3, payment is due within 24 hours to avoid a late fee.

MayTerm Cancellation Process

  1. IMPORTANT!  If you wish to change from one MayTerm course to another, you should NOT CANCEL your enrollment.  Log into my.SMU, go to your enrollment page, and then use the SWAP function to change courses.
  2. If at any time you need to cancel your MayTerm enrollment, you cannot do so through my.SMU. Until the May 11, please follow this link, and complete this online CANCELLATION FORM.  Once successfully completed, you will receive a confirmation email.  Please retain that message as a receipt. All MayTerm deadlines including refund policies apply.
  3. Please Note: This form may only be used before the start of classes. After the start of classes, students must submit a standard Petition for Cancellation / Withdrawal as required by the Bursar's Office.  All MayTerm deadlines including refund policies apply.

Information for Non-SMU Students

It may be possible for non-SMU students to be admitted as a visiting or non-degree undergraduate student and enroll in one (1) MayTerm course. However, circumstances vary. Information and application forms may be accessed at:

If you have questions or for individual assistance, please contact:
Veronica L. Decena
SMU Office of Non-Degree Credit Studies and Visiting Students
Phone: 214-768-4348
Email: /

IMPORTANT: Click HERE for important information concerning the Bacterial Meningitis vaccine required by the REVISED Texas Law for new students under the age of 22.