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MayTerm 2016 is Now Underway!

MayTerm 2016 Courses on the Dallas Campus

MayTerm 2016 Program Dates
Thursday, May 12 through
Thursday, May 26, 2016
(No classes the weekends of May 14-15 or May 21-22)
Students may enroll in only one course during MayTerm.
Classes meet Monday – Friday for 4 hours each day, but class meeting times vary by course.

To view course syllabus, click on the
desired course title below.

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Cox School of Business

Course  Title Faculty
CISB 2388 Entrepreneurship Concepts
 Note: for non-business majors & business minors
Simon Mak
FINA 3310

Finance Concepts
Note: for non-business majors & business minors

Nathan Walcott
FINA 3320

Financial Management
Note: for business majors and bus. admin minors

Mukunthan Santhanakrishnan
FINA 5348 Financial Modeling
business majors only
Brian Young
MNO 3310 Management Concepts
Note: for non-business majors & business minors
Pam Van Dyke
STRA 5370 Strategic Management for a Global Era
business majors only
(department permission required)
David Lei

Dedman College of Humanities and Sciences

Course Title Faculty
ANTH 3328 Gender Violence: Anthropological Perspectives Nia Parson
ANTH 3334 Fantastic Archaeology and Pseudoscience:
Lost Tribes, Sunken Continents, and
Ancient Astronauts
Maeve Skidmore
ANTH 3350 Good Eats and Forbidden Flesh: Culture, Food and the Global Grocery Market Carolyn Smith-Morris
ANTH 3388 Warfare and Violence Justin Rudelson
CHEM 1301 Chemistry for the Liberal Arts Helen Babbili
CHEM 1303 General Chemistry I Brian Zoltowski
CHEM 1304 General Chemistry II
 Prerequisite: Passing grade in CHEM 1303
David Son
DISC 1313 The Daily Grind: an Exploration of the
World of Work
Diana Grumbles Blackman
ENGL 2312 Fiction Beth Newman
ENGL 3360 Topics in Modern and
Contemporary American Literature
No Longer Available
Angela Ards
ENGL 3371/
HIST 3357
Joan of Arc: History, Literature, and Film

Jeremy Adams /
Bonnie Wheeler

HIST 2313 Hstory of African American Popular Culture Kenneth Hamilton
HIST 2337 History of Sports in the U.S. Alexis McCrossen
HIST 3310 Imagining the American Revolution: History, Fiction, and Film Edward Countryman
HIST 3389 Problems in the Middle East: A Modern History of Palestine/Israel Sabri Ates
KNW 2330 Spanish Civilization Alicia Zuese
MATH 1309 Introduction to Calculus for Business
and Social Sciences
Carol Seets
PHIL 1300 Introduction to Critical Thinking Stephen Hiltz
PHIL 1305 Introduction to Philosophy Matthew Lockard
PHIL 1317 Business Ethics Ken Daley
PHIL 1318 Contemporary Moral Problems Kirsten Egerstrom
PHYS 1301 Ideas of Modern Physics Simon Dalley
PLSC 3342 Making Democracy Work
NEW! Now approved for KNW
Luigi Manzetti
PLSC 4331 Law & Film Pamela Corley
PLSC 4340 Politics and Islam LaiYee Leong
PSYC 1300 Introduction to Psychology Michael Lindsey
PSYC 2301 Research Methods in Psychology Lorelei Rowe
PSYC 4381 Special Topics: Positive Psychology Chris Logan
RELI 1303 Introduction to Asian Religions Johan Elverskog
SOCI 1300 Introduction to Sociology Brita Andercheck
SOCI 2310 Sociology at Work in the Community Alicia Schortgen
SOCI 4399 Special Topics in Sociology: Cities, Race, and The Wire: Exploring the U.S. Urban Crisis Lucas Kirkpatrick
SPAN 2302 Intermediate Spanish II Joy Saunders
SPAN 3310 Readings in Spanish and Spanish-American Literatures Olga Colbert
SPAN 3355 Spanish Conversation Susana Fernández Solera Adoboe
STAT 2301 Statistics of Modern Business Decisions Ian Harris
STAT 2331 Introduction to Statistical Methods Stephen Robertson

Lyle School of Engineering

Course Title Faculty
CSE 1341/
ASIM 1310
Principles of Computer Science &
Art and Code 1
Ira Greenberg
DSIN 5390/
Humans and the Built Environment Gray Garmon
ME 3360 Fluid Power Systems Edmond Richer

Meadows School of the Arts

Course Title Faculty
ADV 1300 Survey of Advertising Steve Edwards
ADV 1360 Creative Production Cheryl Mendenhall
ADV 2302 Advertising, Society and Ethics Carrie La Ferle
ADV 5301 Special Topics: The Advertising Industry
in New York

Special Dates: May 17 - 26, 2016
Extra fees and travel costs apply.
Prerequisite: Instructor permission by March 24.
Priority for advertising majors/minors who have
completed ADV 1300 or 2374.
Alice Kendrick
ADV 5301 The Advertising Industry in Dallas Peter Noble
AMAE 3301 Introduction to Arts Management B. Kathleen Gallagher
AMAE 4385 Negotiation Skills Kelly Kocinski Trager
ARHS 1306
Introduction to Architecture Adam Herring
ARHS 1351 Latin American History Through Film Beatriz Balanta
ASIM 1310/
CSE 1341
Art and Code/
Introduction to Computing Concepts
Ira Greenberg
ASPH 1300 Basics of Photography
Debora Hunter
COMM 3321 Communication in Global Context Sandra Duhe
COMM 3380 Principles of Non-Profit Communication Kathleen LaTour
COMM 5301 The Rhetoric of President George W. Bush Ben Voth
COMM 5303 Topics in Communication: Negotiation Theory & Practices Cara Jacocks
FILM 2362 Diversity and American Film: Race, Class, Gender, and Sexuality Sean Griffin
MREP 5212 Sacred Masterpieces for Singers Camille King
MUAS 5322 Analysis of Music Production John Bryant
MUHI 3340 Jazz: Tradition and Transformation Kim Corbet
THEA 2309 Theatre Movement for Non-majors Bill Lengfelder
THEA 2321 Spectacle of Performance Steve Woods

Simmons School of Education

Course  Title Faculty
APSM 4310 Psychology of Sport Derek Marr
HDEV 1401 American Sign Language I Suzanne Terrio
PRW 1101 Personal Responsibility and Wellness I
One credit hour only
Donna Gober