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MayTerm Courses on the Dallas campus

MayTerm Program Dates
Thursday, May 15 through
Friday, May 30, 2014
(No classes the weekend of May 17-18 or
May 24-25-26 over Memorial Day weekend)

Students may enroll in only one course during MayTerm. Classes meet Monday - Friday for 4 hours per day.

Click on course title to view course syllabus and class meeting times.

PLEASE NOTE: No CF credit is allowed in MayTerm.
For courses that meet GEC/UC requirements, click here.

Course Title Faculty
ADV 5301 Special Topics: Advertising Industry in New York

Special Dates: May 15 - 24, 2014
Extra fees and travel costs apply.
Prerequisite: Instructor permission by April 7. Priority for advertising majors/minors who have completed ADV 2374.
Alice Kendrick
ANTH 2301 Introduction to Cultural Anthropology Faith Nibbs
ANTH 3312 Meso-American Archaeology Michael Callaghan
ARHS 1306 Introduction to Architecture Adam Herring
CHEM 1301 Chemistry for Liberal Arts (Section 001) Michael Lattman
CHEM 1301 Chemistry for Liberal Arts (Section 002) Helen Babbili
CHEM 1303 General Chemistry I Brian Zoltowski
CHEM 1304 General Chemistry II
Prerequisite: C- or better in CHEM 1303
David Son
COMM 5301 Special Topics: Communication and Social Justice  Owen Lynch
COMM 5304 Special Topics: Fashion Media and Public Relations Nina Flournoy
DISC 1313 Inquiry Seminar/Identity Crisis: Youth in America Lori Ann Stephens
ENGL 1365 Literature of Minorities Bruce Levy
HIST 2337 History of Sports in the U.S. Alexis McCrossen
MATH 1309 Calculus for Business and Social Science Judy Newell
ME/CEE 2310 Statics Wei Tong
MNO 3310 Management Concepts
Note: for non-business majors and business minors
Pam Van Dyke
MUHI 3340 Jazz: Tradition and Transformation (evening course) Kim Corbet
PHIL 1305 Introduction to Philosophy Matthew Lockard
PHIL 1317 Business Ethics Ken Daley
PLSC 4320 Special Studies: American Government and Politics:
Law and Film
Pamela Corley
PLSC 4340 Special Studies: Comparative Governments and Politics:
Game Theory for Political Science
Hiroki Takeuchi
PRW 1101 Personal Responsibility and Wellness I
One credit hour only.
Financial aid/merit scholarships may not apply.
Donna Gober
PSYC 1300 Introduction to Psychology Michael Lindsey
PSYC 4381 Special Topics: Positive Psychology Chris Logan
SOCI/ANTH 3301 Health, Healing & Ethics: Cross-Cultural Perspectives Carolyn Smith-Morris
SOCI 4399 Special Topics: Nonprofits at Work in the Community Alicia Schortgen
SPAN 3355 Spanish Conversation
Prerequisite: C- or better in SPAN 2302 or equivalent
Susana Adoboe
EMIS 3340
Statistics for Engineers Cornelius Potgieter