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Welcome to SMU!

 All new Exchange Visitors coming to SMU as a Research Scholar, Short-term Scholar or Professor must read the following information.

HEALTH INSURANCE: All Exchange Visitors must carry a valid health insurance policy. If you are receiving fringe benefits, you are required to purchase insurance through our Benefits Office. If you are NOT receiving fringe benefits from our university, please contact one of the insurance providers in the list below. 


Please see below for more information on health insurance.

ENGLISH PROFICIENCY:  All Exchange Visitors must be proficient in English.


Exchange Visitors MUST check-in with the International Student and Services Office upon arrival and BEFORE beginning activities at SMU.

Check-in times: Monday to Thursday at 1:30 pm at Laura Lee Blanton Services Building, Suite 216

  1. You must bring the following in order to check-in:
  2. Original DS2019 document
  3. Original Passport
  4. I94 Arrival Information
  5. Proof of Health Insurance Policy 
  6. Residence Address information
  7. U.S. Phone number
  8. Dependent immigration documents, if applicable