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Peer Advisors

Peer Advisors are students who have have been hired and trained to take on an active role in SMU study abroad. Having studied abroad themselves, Peer Advisors can assist with general other Mustangs study abroad, each student is currently working on a project to make study abroad even better at SMU!

 If you have not yet decided on a program or need general advising for study abroad, feel free to contact one of the students below. You can also contact our Student Ambassadors if you want to hear more about the student experience on specific programs.


Marisa Infante, Senior Peer Advisor

  • Major: Art History
  • Minors: Arts Management, Archaeology, and French
  • SMU-in-Italy: Archaeology, Summer 2015


"My study abroad experience changed my life...not only did I learn many academic topics, but also I learned so much about life and about myself."


Project: Creating a more interactive Pre-Departure Orientation (also assisting other peer advisors with their projects as needed)

Sarah Beghin, Peer Advisor

  • Majors: EMIS, Economics, and Spanish
  • SMU-in-Costa Rica, Summer 2014 
  • SMU-in-Spain, Fall 2015


"My study abroad experiences made me feel much more confident and independent, as well as excited for my future...SMU's abroad programs have been the highlight of my college experience."


Project: Creating an online parent forum with FAQs and resources.


Lexie Castaneda, Peer Advisor (Spring Only)


  • Majors: Political Science and Spanish
  • Minors: History and Law & Legal Reasoning
  • SMU-in-Costa Rica, Summer 2015
  • SMU-in-Madrid, Summer 2016
  • IFSA-Butler, Queen Mary University of London, Fall 2016


"My abroad experiences have all had an immense impact on who I am as a person, and this has led me to become very passionate about the education travel can give you."


Project: Creating a blog featuring students currently abroad; developing Pinterest for SMU Abroad as a resource for study abroad students


*Lexie joined the team Spring 2017 and will be next year's Senior Peer Advisor.


Alec Edwards, Peer Advisor

  • Majors: International Studies, Human Rights
  • Minors: Business Administration, Spanish, History
  • SMU-in-Madrid, Summer 2015
  • IFSA-Butler: London School of Economics, Academic Year 2015-2016
  • SMU-in-Israel, January 2017


"I think it is so important that everyone has the opportunity to have a global education and that it helps people grow in ways they never thought possible."


Project: Creating a returned student blog:



Allie Knobbe, Peer Advisor (Fall Only*)

  • Major: Accounting
  • Minor: Geology
  • SMU-in-Copenhagen, Fall 2015


"Although there are no words that can sum up my entire experience, 'life-changing,' 'incredible,' 'diverse,' 'beautiful,' and 'unique' are a good start."


Project: Coordinating the International Education Week Photo Contest; Organizing the Flags at the Flagpole event


*Allie's role as a Peer Advisor was for Fall semester only. Please choose another Peer Advisor to connect with, or email


Kayla Mason, Peer Advisor

  • Majors: Economics with Financial Applications, Markets and Culture
  • Minor: International Studies
  • SMU-in-Paris, Summer 2015
  • SMU-in-Switzerland, Spring 2016


"[I] had the opportunity to meet people from all over the world, from different cultures than my own...Everyone had a story to tell."


Project: Creating program evaluation and rating system for semester programs; managing SMU Abroad Newsletter, "Globe Trotter"


Rory Quigley, Peer Advisor

  • Major:Mechanical Engineering
  • IFSA-Butler: University of Limerick (Ireland), Spring 2016

"I think I learned to live more on my own and matured a lot--not just academically, but in all aspects of my life."



Project: Creating a study abroad brochure/planning guide for engineering students