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Graduate Certificate in Women's and Gender Studies

Director: Beth Newman, Associate Professor

The graduate certificate offered by the Women’s and Gender Studies Program is designed to integrate knowledge about women, gender and sexuality into the chosen field of study of SMU graduate students. Offered through the Women’s and Gender Studies Program and jointly based in the Dedman College Graduate Program and the Perkins School of Theology, the certificate provides an additional credential for interested students who are seeking employment in fields where familiarity with scholarship on women, gender and/or sexuality may be an asset, or who are looking to enhance their graduate studies. The courses represent several disciplines, including anthropology, art history, history, literary studies, media studies and theology.

Admission Requirements

The student must be pursuing an advanced degree in an SMU graduate program, and must enroll for the program through Dedman College (for Dedman and Meadows students) and/or Perkins School of Theology (for theology students). An additional application fee is not required. Formal enrollment must include a proposed program plan for completion of the certificate developed with an adviser from the Office of the Women’s and Gender Studies Program or a Perkins adviser.

Academic Requirements (15 credit hours)

1. The advanced feminist theory course (WGST 6300/TC 8375).
The course includes “classic” literature from feminist, womanist and mujerista perspectives and addresses current theoretical issues across several disciplines. It is team-taught by faculty associated with Dedman College and the Perkins School of Theology.

2. Four additional courses relevant to the intent of the certificate. They may be chosen from the list of courses preapproved by the Women’s and Gender Studies Program (see list below). Students are permitted to take six hours of upper-level Dedman or Meadows undergraduate women’s and gender studies courses under the following circumstances:

  • The students arrange a separate syllabus and assignments in conjunction with the professor of record.
  • The syllabus and assignments must be approved by the Graduate Certificate Committee of the Women’s and Gender Studies Program.
  • The students register for such courses using the appropriate graduate-level number (WGST 5310 for 3000-level courses and 6310 for 4000-level courses). WGST 5310 can be taken only once.


Students are encouraged to petition the director of the Women’s and Gender Studies Program for credit in their own departments for graduate courses, including independent studies courses, in which they engage in study appropriate to the intent of the certificate. Appropriate courses taken during matriculation at SMU, but prior to enrollment in the certificate program, may count toward program hours.

3. A major research project or a supervised internship in a setting that addresses issues relevant to the intent of the program. This project should be included in the program plan (see Admission Requirements). For Ph.D. students, the project normally involves an article-length research paper written for coursework; however, if relevant it could include a performance, internship, exhibit or other project approved by the appropriate adviser. Supervised internship settings for Perkins Master of Divinity students will require a learning goal for women’s studies and shall be done in consultation with the Perkins Internship Office.

Appropriate Courses From Dedman College and Meadows School of the Arts


Courses at the 4000 level or below must be taken with the numbers WGST 5310 and 6310, and in accordance with the academic requirements stated above.

ANTH 3310

Gender and Sex Roles

ANTH 3328

Gender Violence: What Does Culture Have to Do With It?

ANTH 3336

Gender and Globalization

ANTH 4351

Gender Embodiment

ANTH 6386

The Archaeology of Gender

ARHS 4371

Modern Mythmaking

ARHS 6389

Women in the Visual Arts

CCJN 4360

Women and Minorities in Mass Media

ECO 4351

Labor Economics

ECO 5357

Economics of Human Resources

ENGL 3344

Victorian Gender

ENGL 3364

Women and the Southwest

ENGL 3367

Ethical Implications of Children’s Literature

ENGL 3371

Joan of Arc: Her Story in History, Literature, and Film

ENGL 3373

Masculinities: Images and Perspectives

ENGL 3379

Contexts of Disability

ENGL 6375

Sex, Gender and Literature

FILM 3310

Screen Artists (when relevant)

FILM 3360

Gender and Representation in World Cinema

FILM 3395, 3398

Topics in Cinema/Television (when relevant)

FILM 4350

Gender Issues in Communication

HIST 3312

Women in American History

HIST 3317

Women in Latin-American Society

HIST 3329

Women in Early Modern Europe

HIST 3330

Women in Modern European History

HIST 3348

American Families: Changing Experiences and Expectations

HIST 3355

Class and Gender in Ancient Society

HIST 3357

Joan of Arc: Her Story in History, Literature, and Film

HIST 3394

The Emergence of Modern Womanhood in the U.S., 1890–1930

HIST 3398

Women in Chinese History

HIST 4304

At the Crossroads: Gender and Sexuality in the Southwest

MDVL 3352

Gender in the Middle Ages

PHIL 3305

Philosophy and Gender

PLSC 3370

Women and Politics

PLSC 4339

Women and the Law

PSYC 3350

Psychology of Women

RELI 3375

Expressions of the Feminine Divine

 RELI 3376

Constructions of Gender, Sexuality, and the Family in South Asian Religions

SOCI 3351

Marriage and Family

SOCI 3371

Sociology of Gender

SOCI 4373

Race, Gender, and Inequality

THEA 4383

Gender and Performance

WGST 3310

Gender and Human Rights

WGST 3328

Gender Violence: What Does Culture Have to Do With It?

WGST 3370

Women in the Southwest

WGST 3381

Modern Myth-Making

WGST 5310, 6310

Special Topics in Women’s and Gender Studies I and II

WGST 6300

Advanced Feminist Theory

WL 3312

Women in Modern China

WL 3359

Masculinities: Images and Perspectives

WL 3363 (WGST 3347)

Figuring the Feminine