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The Department of Chemistry at SMU has a long history of excellence in research and teaching. The faculty maintains active research programs, attend numerous national and international meetings in their fields, and publish in major journals. The Ph.D. program, established in 2004, builds on the faculty expertise and emphasizes biological, materials, and computational chemistry. In 2004, the chemistry research labs were relocated to fully remodeled facilities in Fondren Science at the north end of the SMU campus. These labs provide safe, modern, and flexible working space for all students and faculty as well as student office space separated from the laboratories. The department maintains a modern arsenal of research and teaching instrumentation that plays a vital role in research. Graduate students will obtain hands on experience in any instrument needed for their research programs.

Admission Requirements

  • A Bachelor's degree in Chemistry
  • GRE exam, with the Chemistry Subject Area suggested
  • 80+ score (Internet based) on TOEFL if English is not the primary language
  • 3 letters of recommendation

Degree Requirements

Ph.D. Degree

  • First year core courses
  • Two semesters of teaching undergraduate chemistry labs to enhance communication skills
  • Cumulative exams
  • Departmental seminar
  • Written and oral research progress report and dissertation plan
  • Research proposal
  • Successful completion of a research program under the supervision of the faculty
  • Presentation at a professional meeting
  • Dissertation and oral defense of research

M.S. Degree

  • 30 term hours of graduate work approved by the department including a research project
  • Preparation, presentation and defense of a thesis
  • Completion of all general requirement of the graduate faculty
  • For more information you are invited to visit our web site at, contact Graduate Advisor ( or telephone the chemistry office at 214-768-2480.

Deadlines for Admission

Priority deadline for fall admission is February 1.

Final deadline for fall admission is May 1.

Department Assistantships

All applications to be considered for department assistantships must be completed by the priority deadline of
February 1. 

Note: Applications received after February 1 will be considered for any remaining funds and openings.

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