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Office of Non-Degree Credit Studies


Office of Non-Degree Credit Studies

Welcome to SMU's Office of Non-Degree Credit Studies.

We look forward to serving you.

The Office of Non-Degree Credit Studies assists students who wish to enroll in SMU courses for credit, but who do not intend to pursue an SMU degree program. Our office assists:

  • students in good standing and visiting from another four-year college or university.
  • students who have already earned a degree and wish to take undergraduate pre-requisite courses for graduate programs.
  • students who wish to participate in SMU programs such as SMU-in-Taos, SMU Abroad, and Interterms (JanTerm and MayTerm) on the main campus.
  • students who want to take pre-requisite courses to apply for medical/dental/pharmacy/veterinary schools.
  • students who have transferred to the Dallas area and wish to finish their degrees at their home universities. With permission from their home universities, students can take SMU courses and transfer them back to finish their degrees.
  • members of the Dallas community who wish to enrich their knowledge in a particular area by taking an SMU course for credit.

Please contact us with any questions you may have or if you need additional information.

Non-Degree Credit Studies Office
Veronica Decena, Manager of Certification, Visiting Students and Special Projects
The Blanton Building
6185 Airline Rd. at SMU Blvd., Suite 101
Dallas TX 75205

Important Dates

Registration Dates

Continuing Non-Degree Students:

Continuing non-degree students who attended Spring semester 2015 can begin registering for Summer and Fall 2015 on April 25. If you need assistance registering, contact Veronica Decena at 214/768-4272 or email

August 19 - 28, 2015

New non-degree students will begin registering for Fall term 2015 on August 19 and continue through August 28, 2015. For registration information, contact Veronica Decena at 214/768-4272 or email We are located in the Blanton Building, 6185 Airline Rd. at SMU Blvd., Suite 101.

Important Dates for
Fall Term 2015

August 24
First Day of Classes

August 28
Last day to enroll, add courses or drop courses without grade record or tuition billing

October 12-13
Fall Break

November 6
Last day to drop a class

November 24
Last day to withdraw from the University

December 7
Last day of instruction

December 10-16


Important Dates for
JanTerm 2016

November 1, 2015
Application Deadline

January 4, 2016
First day of classes

January 13, 2016
Last day of instruction and final exams