Dedman College. Minds Moving the World.

Dedman College of Humanities and Sciences is the heart of SMU. We are home to the humanities and social, natural and mathematical sciences – disciplines that are at the core of higher education. 

Nearly half of all declared majors and minors are in Dedman College. We offer 38 undergraduate majors and 56 minors plus pre-professional programs including pre-law and pre-health. Opportunities for advanced graduate education include 17 master’s programs and 14 doctoral degrees in numerous fields.

Dedman College also promotes academic discovery through its interdisciplinary centers such as the John Goodwin Tower Center for Political Studies and the Center for Drug Discovery, Design and Delivery. The research conducted in these centers and throughout the college addresses issues of local, national and global importance, including the development of new cancer therapies, the prevention of domestic violence and the search for dark matter.

Dedman College faculty, students and alumni are known for their intellectual curiosity, leadership, originality and, above all, for their commitment to making a real difference. Dedman College of Humanities and Sciences.
Minds Moving the World.

Graduate Programs


M.A./M.S. Degrees


Ph.D. Degrees

Anthropology MA - Medical Anthropology   PhD- Anthropology 
Biological Sciences MA - Molecular and Cellular Biology   PhD - Molecular and Cellular Biology
MS - Molecular and Cellular Biology    
Chemistry MS - Chemistry   PhD - Chemistry
Earth Sciences MS - Applied Geophysics    
MS - Geology   PhD - Geology
MS - Geophysics   PhD - Geophysics
Economics MA - Applied Economics
  MA - Economics
  PhD - Economics
MS - Applied Economics and Predictive Analytics
English MA - English
  PhD - English
History MA - History   PhD - History
Mathematics MS - Computational and Applied Mathematics   PhD - Computational and Applied Mathematics
Medieval Studies MA - Medieval Studies    
Physics MS - Physics   PhD - Physics
Psychology   PhD - Clinical Psychology
Religious Studies MA - Religious Studies   PhD - Religious Studies
Statistical Science MS - Applied Statistics and Data Analytics   PhD - Statistical Science

  PhD - Biostatistics