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Staff Resources

CUL Mentoring Program


What is mentoring?

Central University Libraries is committed to supporting the professional and personal development of its staff. Mentoring provides one opportunity for that support by offering the help and advice of a more experienced employee to a newer or less experienced employee.

Who can participate?

The program is available to all CUL employees who desire to work with a mentor in order to enhance their professional growth and development. As much as possible, mentors and mentees will not be in the same department. New employees, however, are usually assigned a mentor within their department to help them acclimate to their new job duties more easily.

Our Mission

The mission of the CUL Mentoring Program is to encourage the growth and development of CUL employees. The mentoring program will serve this mission by identifying and matching employees with mentors who can foster professional development, provide career guidance, facilitate the integration of the employee into the organization, promote organizational commitment and increase retention. Discussions between the mentor and the mentee are considered confidential.

Our Programs

Mentoring Program for Professional Development
Mentoring Program for New Employees

If you are interested in learning more about the mentoring program or other development opportunities, contact:

Bill Dworaczyk
Assistant Dean, Human Resources and Facilities