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Publicly-Available Research Software

Members of the SMU Center for Scientific Computation are involved in a number of projects aimed at public dissemination of research software.  Some of these software packages are linked below:
  • ARKode -- Additive Runge-Kutta solvers for Ordinary Differential Equations:  project site [Reynolds]
  • BIPB -- Boundary Integral Poisson-Boltzmann Solvers:  project site [Geng]
  • Enzo -- Astrophysical Adaptive Mesh Refinement: project site [Reynolds]
  • HYPRE -- High Performance Preconditioners: project site [Lee]
  • RKLab -- Matlab suite of adaptive Runge-Kutta solvers: project site [Reynolds] 
  • SUNDIALS -- SUite of Nonlinear Differential and ALgebraic Solvers: project site [Reynolds]