Welcome to the University Curriculum

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The motto of Southern Methodist University, Veritas Liberabit Vos (“the truth shall set you free”), epitomizes the ideals of an SMU education and is the fundamental principle for the University Curriculum.   The wisdom to acquire and critically reflect on existing knowledge and the insight and capacity to create new knowledge are the hallmarks of an educated person and exemplify the characteristics we seek to instill at SMU.

The UC consists of three main coursework components: Foundations, Pillars, and Capstone. In addition to these coursework components, there are eight different Proficiencies and Experiences that can be satisfied either by coursework or by out-of-class experiences through which students develop and demonstrate the proficiencies.

The UC emphasizes Student Learning Outcomes (SLOs). In designing the UC with this focus on SLOs, the faculty have identified what they expect you to think about, learn, and experience, but just how you choose to do so will be up to you, in consultation with your academic advisors and your professors. 

Every student’s path through the UC should and will be different.  Any course may satisfy one or more UC requirements if faculty committees determine that the course provides ample opportunity for students to develop and demonstrate the SLOs associated with the requirement.   Credit-hour accumulation will remain the primary way most of you will fulfill these outcomes, but some of you may choose to meet some requirements through non-course or non-credit activities.

The UC can be met through any part of your undergraduate career, including work in the major or minor, elective courses, or approved and reflected-upon activities.

The list of courses that satisfy various UC requirements will vary by semester, especially with respect to identified and approved Proficiencies and Experiences. 

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