Forms and Requests

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basic description

The Petition for Re-Evaluation of Transfer Work is used to request that transfer coursework be reconsidered as either a generic course designation (ex. HUM 10XX) or a specific SMU course equivalent. You may also use this petition to request that a course which was given an XX, YY, etc., designation satisfy a specific UC requirement.  

Download a blank copy of the form here.

submitting your request

  • Read the instructions on the form carefully and fill out ALL of the requested information.
  • Collect all information you have for the course that may support your request: course description, syllabus, assignments, etc.
  • Include a list of the Student Learning Outcomes for any UC requirement you are requesting and provide a written statement or list of ways that you demonstrated these SLOs in your transfer coursework.
  • Your completed form and all supporting materials will need to be reviewed by the following offices:
    1. Your current assigned academic advisor (this can be found on your Student Center in Access.SMU)
    2. The department that offers the equivalent/similar SMU course
    3. The Academic Records Office for the school that offers the equivalent/similar SMU course
    4. The Academic Records Office for your current school or major
    5. The University Curriculum Office in G02 Clements Hall
  • If you are requesting that a course already given a generic (XX or YY) designation satisfy a UC requirement only, you may skip steps two through four.

successful examples

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