Forms and Requests

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basic description

Use the Advance Approval of Transfer Credit form when you plan to take classes at another university and transfer them back to SMU. After your first term of enrollment at SMU, only courses from four-year universities will transfer back to SMU for credit hours. All courses will need pre-approval by the SMU department offering equivalent/similar classes. You may also request for the UC office to approve your chosen class to satisfy one of the following UC requirements:

  1. Any Level 1 Pillar
  2. A Level 2 Pure and Applied Science Pillar
  3. Any Proficiency and Experience

Download a blank copy of the form here.

submitting your request

  • Read the instructions on the form carefully and fill out ALL of the required information.
  • Contact the other institution to obtain a description (and syllabus, if possible) for the course you plan to take. The more information you provide, the more likely the course is to be approved for transfer credit.
  • Include a list of the Student Learning Outcomes for any requirement you are requesting and provide a written statement or list of ways that you will demonstrate these SLOs in your chosen coursework.
  • If requesting a UC requirement, your completed form will need to be reviewed by the following offices in this order:
    1. Your current assigned academic advisor (listed on your Student Center in Access.SMU)
    2. The department that offers the equivalent/similar SMU course
    3. The Academic Records Office for the school that offers the equivalent/similar SMU course
    4. The Academic Records Office for your current school or major
    5. The University Curriculum Office in G02 Clements Hall

successful examples

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