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Hunt Leadership Scholars Program


The Nancy Ann and Ray L. Hunt Leadership Scholars Program allows students to combine learning and leadership. It enables outstanding student leaders from all walks of life to come to SMU—students whose leadership gifts will have a significant impact on our SMU community and, eventually, on the quality of our society.

The Hunt Leadership Scholars award is for full SMU tuition and fees, less the amount of resident tuition and fees at the leading public school of the student’s state of residency. If eligible, a student can be awarded need-based aid and departmental scholarships in addition to the Hunt Scholarship. In addition, because leaders of the 21st century will need to have a global vision in any area of leadership, the award also underwrites tuition and transportation to one of SMU’s study abroad programs.

In addition, Hunt Leadership Scholars have unique opportunities to learn from leaders. The Scholars have wide access to the Tate Lectures Series, one of the premiere public lecture series in the country. The Hunt Scholars attend a number of forums and discussions with leaders from many arenas. Finally, Hunt Scholars are expected to become leaders and change agents within the SMU community.