Board of Directors and Publication Staff (2013-2014) 


Tyler Anderson
Executive Director

Tyler is a senior majoring in Political Science, Public Policy, Economics, and Risk Management, with a minor in Mathematics.  He is a President's Scholar and is in the University Honors Program. Tyler has been involved with the Tower Center for three years, is currently the Executive Director of the Tower Center Student Forum, and is a Tower Center Undergraduate Fellow. Tyler wants to pursue economics at the graduate level after his undergraduate career, with the hope of becoming involved in public policy. 

Brandon Roselius
Research Director 

Brandon is a Sophomore from Houston, Texas majoring in History, Political Science, Economics, and Public Policy with a potential minor in Middle Eastern Area Studies. Brandon enjoys reading, rooting for the Houston Texans, and being with friends and family. Brandon hopes to one day see an independent Kurdistan that is free of oppression and tyranny, and after graduation Brandon plans to aid such a cause in any way possible or simply to attend graduate school.

Elliott Silverman

Research Director 

Elliott is a senior from McLean, Virginia majoring in political science with minors in history and psychology.  His interests include reading, exploring the pressing questions of life, backpacking, traveling, and sports. After graduation, Elliott plans to work in the field of national security policy and foreign affairs before attending graduate school where he would like to pursue a masters in strategic security studies. 

Rahfin Faruk

Rahfin is a junior from Richardson, Texas majoring in economics, political science and public policy with minors in religious studies and mathematics. His interests include migration, Bangladeshi development, microfinance, social business, journalism, emerging markets and sports. After graduation, Rahfin plans to attend graduate school.

William Watts

Layout Editor


Brandon Bub
Copy Editor

Brandon is a senior from Lone Tree, Colorado majoring in English, political science, and history with a minor in Spanish. He enjoys reading, writing, playing the banjo, collecting Pokemon memorabilia, and being with people. After graduation, Brandon plans to attend graduate school and write a book.