Tower Center Student ForumThe Tower Center invites you to join leading political minds and share ideas with those influencing public policy today. 

Membership in the Tower Center Student Forum gives you the opportunity to be on the forefront of the pressing issues of the 21st century with invitations to compelling conferences, lectures, briefings, and other events with the trendsetters shaping our world.

Emphasizing elevated thinking and informed discussion between individuals from diverse fields of study, the Tower Center and its Student Forum enable undergraduates to contribute an innovative voice to national and global discourses.

Join the Student Forum, attend Tower Center events, and become part of an influential network with exclusive opportunities for private briefings by today’s power brokers, policy makers, and experts from every sector. Recent speakers include Tony Blair, Margaret Thatcher, John McCain, Henry Kissinger, Zbigniew Brzezinski, Colin Powell, and George W. Bush.

The Tower Center and its Student Forum offer prestigious scholarships and fellowships, along with positions in research and writing for undergraduates. If you are interested in learning about more possibilities, please contact us, and open the door to A World of Insight.

For membership in the Tower Center Student Forum, or for all other inquiries, please contact

Policy Committees

Join a think tank for a semester: approach a global or local issue, collaborate with scholars and experts, and work towards a solution with the support of the Tower Center. The multi-disciplinary approach of the Policy Committees enables students to produce practical solutions to complex questions—career experience for the policy makers of the future. By blending perspectives and working in conjunction with experts from the field, students can produce research worthy of publication, and perhaps even ideas decision-makers have yet to consider.


The Tower Center publishes a monthly periodical with commentary on politics and international affairs, including interviews with Tower Center speakers, as well as highlights of undergraduate research. At the conclusion of each academic year, Dialogue: the Tower Center Undergraduate Journal for Political Studies will feature the best research from relevant fields at SMU.

Student Forum Applications

Applications for the Tower Center Student Forum Board are open for the 2013-2014 school year. The deadline has been extended to Friday, May 3rd.

Positions include the Director of Public Relations, Layout Editor, Copy Editor, and Directors of Policy Committees.  If you are interested in doing research, you should be particularly interested in the position of Directors of Policy Committees, as they lead student research with the opportunity of publication in 2014.

Each possible applicant will also be required to interview to be considered. Interview times will be announced after applications have been submitted. Any questions or concerns can be directed to

Directors of Policy Committees Application

Director of Public Relations Application

Editor-in-Chief, Layout Editor, Copy Editor Application