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Financial Information


Financial Information

Tuition, Course Fees, Room & Board

Students attending SMU-in-Taos pay are charged tuition at a per credit rate. During May, June and August 2017  In addition to tuition, students will be charged course fees, room and board.  Travel expenses are not included as students are responsible for arranging their own transportation to and from Taos, New Mexico.  For a full cost breakdown, please view the 2017 May & August, June or 2017 January Cost Sheets (these documents provide estimates only, all prices and payment due dates are subject to change).

SMU Merit Scholarships, Financial Aid, Loans & Tuition Benefits

Students who currently receive need- or merit-based aid from the university may be able to receive pro-rated awards during the summer and January terms.  The awards can be applied towards Taos courses exactly as they would apply to courses taken on the main campus.  In June and August, students must be enrolled in 6 or more hours over the course of the entire summer to be eligible for summer aid.  This 6 hour minimum does not apply to May, however credits taken in May can count towards the 6 required.  Interested students should contact their financial aid advisor for an estimate of their pro-rated awards.  

Students enrolled in 6 or more credit hours may also be eligible for Federal or Private loans.  Interested students should contact their financial aid advisor for assistance applying for loans.

For more information about the Financial Aid Office, please visit the SMU Financial Aid website, stop by Blanton 119 or call 214-768-3417 for assistance.

Students receiving SMU Tuition Benefits are often eligible to receive benefits towards SMU-in-Taos.  Please contact SMU Human Resources at or 214-768-3311 for more information.

Friends of SMU-in-Taos Partial Tuition Assistance Award

A limited number of partial tuition assistance scholarships are available to full-time SMU undergraduate students attending SMU-in-Taos.  Assistance is limited and is awarded at the discretion of the SMU-in-Taos Scholarship Award Committee.  The award is based primarily on demonstrated financial need, although academic merit is also considered.  The award applies only to tuition (the only possible exceptions are for military veterans and students receiving tuition benefits).  Students receiving tuition assistance awards are responsible for all remaining fees, room and board and transportation expenses.

Interested students should submit an online Friends of Taos Scholarship Application by the term Priority Application Deadline.

Resident Advisor Positions

Students may apply to serve as Resident Advisors (RA’s).  RA’s are compensated with a scholarship which covers room and board fees.  RA responsibilities require a significant time commitment.  Prospective RA’s must submit an application and undergo an interview process.  Interested candidates must attend a mandatory training in Dallas.  All RA's must arrive in Taos prior to the start of term and will stay until noon on departure day.  If you would like to find out more about RA’s or are interested in applying to become an RA, please click here.

Payment Due Dates

Full payment for each term is due by the dates listed on the Bursar's website.  These dates are set by the Bursar's Office and subject to change.  Please verify these dates with the Bursar's Office.  Late payments will result in a fine assessed by the Bursar’s Office.  Please notify the SMU-in-Taos Office and the Bursar’s Office if you miss the payment deadline, but still plan to attend Taos.  All delinquent payments and late fees should be paid in full prior to arrival in Taos.  Students who fail to pay in a timely manner may be automatically withdrawn from courses.

Drops, Swaps & Withdrawals

Students cannot drop or swap Taos courses through my.SMU.  Students must provide written notification of any drops or swaps to the Taos Office.  Requests for drops and swaps will not be accepted after arrival in Taos.

Students wishing to withdraw from SMU-in-Taos should send an email to with their full name, SMU ID, and the course(s) they are dropping.  Failure to attend orientation or class does NOT constitute written notice of cancellation.  Please be aware of all Taos-specific deadlines including, refund policies (see below).

Refund Policies

Taos room and board fees are non-refundable.  Payment of room and board fees is considered confirmation of intention to attend.  For this reason, we encourage students to coordinate with parents, academic and financial advisors prior to paying room and board fees.  If a student cancels after paying for room and board, they will forfeit those charges.  The only exception to this policy would be in the event that the SMU-in-Taos office cancels a course and the student is unable to move into an alternative course.

Tuition and course fees are partially refundable.  For refund of tuition and course fees, students must provide written notification to the SMU-in-Taos Office prior to the arrival date for that term.  Any cancellations after 12:01 am on the arrival date will forfeit tuition and course fees (along with room and board).  NO refunds will be issued after the term arrival date.

All students are required to stay on the Taos campus, pay full room and board and abide by all campus policies (see Conduct Agreement).  Violations of the Student Code of Conduct and/or Campus Policies may result in removal from the SMU-in-Taos campus and/or fines.  If a student is removed from the SMU-in-Taos campus, they will be administratively dropped from all courses without refund and required to leave campus at their own expense.