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January Courses 2018

Online Applications Open Tuesday, October 10, 2017
January 2018 Applications due: Friday, November 17, 2017 by 4 pm

Students can take 3 or 4 credits during the January Term.  All students are required to take a 3-credit course and have the option to add on a single 1-credit course.  All 3-credit courses will meet Monday through Friday from 9 am – 4 pm, with a lunch break from 12 – 1 pm.  The 1-credit courses will be held only on weekends and nights to avoid conflict with scheduled class times for the 3-credit courses. Students enrolling in 4 credit hours must arrive early!

January Term Dates
Dec 5, Tues: Pre-Departure Orientation
Jan 5, 
Fri: Travel/Arrival of students enrolled in 4 credits (KNW & PRW only), by 6 pm.
Jan 7, Sun: Travel/Arrival of all other students enrolled in 3 credits, by 6 pm.
Jan 8, Mon: First day of classes (for 3-credit courses). 
Jan 17, Wed: Last day of classes, including exams. Students may depart campus once their final has concluded.
Jan 18, Thurs: Departure of all students, by 10 am

January Course Offerings 2018

Click course abbreviation to see tentative syllabi.  *Please verify all UC /Major credit information listed below with your academic advisor.

Looking for Study Abroad Courses? Looking for Dallas Courses?  View/Print Course Listing (PDF)

1-Credit Courses

Ways of Knowing and Personal Responsibility and Wellness 2

Students enrolling in KNW 2199 or PRW 2135 must arrive early on January 5 and pay for additional room/board charges, one extra hour of tuition and a special course fee.

Course  Title UC/Major Credit * Instructor  Syllabus
KNW 2199
The Taos Experience KNW Debra Branch
Click here to view syllabus
PRW 2135
 PRW 2: Mountain Sports

Anne Levine & Mark Rudich

Click here to view syllabus


3-Credit Courses

Cox School of Business

Course  Title UC/Major Credit  Instructor  Syllabus 
KNW 3375
Corporate Social Responsibility and Ethical Leadership KNW, PRIE 2/HFA (depth), OC Bob Rasberry  Click here to view syllabus

Dedman College of Humanities & Sciences

Course  Title UC/Major Credit  Instructor  Syllabus 
ANTH 3334
Fantastic Archeology and Pseudoscience
PRIE 2/ HFA (depth), IIC 2/HSBS (depth), HD, IL, OC Whitney Goodwin Click here to view syllabus
BIOL 1305 Our Natural Environment PAS 1/SE (breadth) John Ubelaker  Click here to view syllabus
HIST 3379 A Cultural History of New Mexico HC 2/HC (breadth), HD, OC, IL
Andrew Graybill
Click here to view syllabus 
PSYC 3341 Social Psychology
IIC 1/IIC (breadth); Elective for major/minor Chris Logan  Click here to view syllabus
 RELI 3353 Identity and Sacred in the Southwest PRIE 2/ HFA (depth), IIC 2/HSBS (depth), HD Jill DeTemple   Click here to view syllabus
 SOCI 3372 Contemporary Issues in the American Southwest IIC 2/HSBS (depth), HD, CE   Leslie DeArman Click here to view syllabus 
STAT 4340/
CSE 4340/
EMIS 3340

Statistical Methods for Engineers and Scientists  Required for major Cornelis Potgieter  Click here to view syllabus

Lyle School of Engineering

Course  Title UC/Major Credit  Instructor Syllabus  
ME 5322 Vibrations Required for major Elena Borzova  Click here to view syllabus
 STAT 4340/
CSE 4340/
EMIS 3340
Statistical Methods for Engineers and Scientists  Required for major   Cornelis Potgieter   Click here to view syllabus

Meadows School of the Arts

Course  Title UC/Major Credit  Instructor  Syllabus 
ASPH 3306

Photography in Taos:
Prerequisites waived

CA 2/HFA (depth), HC 2/HSBS (depth), IL, OC Debora Hunter   Click here to view syllabus
THEA 2311 The Art of Acting CA 1/ CA (breadth), OC Allison Pistorius   Click here to view syllabus

Simmons School of Education

Course   Title UC Credit  Instructor Syllabus  
APSM 3351 Nutrition TM (breadth), CE; Required for major  Laura Robinson-Doyle   Click here to view syllabus

Course  Name UC Credit  Instructor
ANTH 3301/
SOCI 3301
Health, Healing & Ethics 
PRIE 2, IIC 2, HD, GE  Saira Mehmood
ASPT 1300 Introduction to Studio Painting I   Anna Membrino
BIOL 1305 Our Natural Environment   John Ubelaker
BL 3335 Business Law 
Note: Cox majors only
  Barbara Kincaid
BLI 3302 Business Communications and Leader Development 
Note: Cox majors only
  Paula Strasser
CF 3370/
ENGL 3364
Women and the Southwest   Martha Satz 
CFA 3325/
HIST 3379
A Cultural History of New Mexico   Peter and Susan Bakewell
CFA 3350/
ANTH 3350
Good Eats and Forbidden Flesh    Megan Hinrichsen 
CFB 3348/ANTH 3348/HRTS 3348
Health as a Human Right
  Saira Mehmood 
CSE 4340/
EMIS 3340/
STAT 4340
Probability and Statistics for Engineers    Ian Harris
CEE 2322  Field Methods for Soil and Water Analysis
  Andrew Quicksall 
GEOL 1301  Earth Systems    Neil Tabor
 HRTS 4392/
SPAN 3375
 Topics in Spanish-Speaking Communities 
in the US Spanish History
  Lourdes Molina 
 MKTG 3310 Marketing Concepts    Chip Besio  
 MKTG 3340
Fundamentals of Marketing    Chip Besio 
PRW-2 2135
Personal Responsibility and Wellness 2: 
Mountain Sports
  Anne Weil/
Brian Fennig
PSYC 3360 Health Psychology   Max Gunther