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June + July Financial Aid

SMU Merit-based and Need-based Financial Aid
(SMU students only)

If you receive SMU merit-based or need-based financial aid, contact your Financial Aid Advisor to learn more about your eligibility to receive aid during Intersessions.* All students seeking Financial Aid for May, June, July, or August (Taos) MUST complete the:

Summer Financial Aid Request Form

Financial aid awards vary on a case-by-case basis, however, the general guidelines below may help you understand your eligibility.

Merit-based and Need-based Financial Aid:
Most SMU merit scholarships and need-based financial aid will apply on a pro-rated basis for May, June, and July sessions.

Federal and State Funding and Loans:
Students may only use state and federal loans for May, June, July, and August (in Taos) IF they maintain enrollment in SIX (6) credit hours or more (in Dallas and/or Taos).
Eligible students may receive loan funding only after enrolling in six credit hours through my.SMU AND completing the Summer Financial Aid Request form.

The Office of Financial Aid asks that students do both before the priority deadlines:

MayTerm: April 15

June-July: May 5

Financial aid will still be processed after these dates, but may not be posted before payment due dates set by the Bursar’s office. If a student submits a Financial Aid Request after the priority deadline, they may need to make a personal payment (and be reimbursed) to avoid a late fee.

* For more information or assistance, please visit the SMU Financial Aid website or call 214-768-3417. Financial Aid Advisors are assigned alphabetically by last name.

Mark your calendar for 2017

MayTerm in Dallas
May 18 - June 2, 2017

June Session
June 5- July 5, 2017
July Session
July 6 - August 4, 2017
Full Session
June 5- August 4, 2017

Enrollment through my.SMU
opens April 10 at 12:01 am

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SMU Intersessions

Intersession programs are primarily for undergraduate degree-seeking students.

For Graduate/Professional summer courses, contact the school in question.

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