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49th Annual Women's Symposium

Southern Methodist University

Save the Date 2014

About the Theme

Our students have many opinions about how women are portrayed in comic books and action movies.  Are women strong role models defending the universe from evil?  Are women over-sexualized toys playing supporting roles to a male hero cast?  We knew that we wanted to talk about Women and Superheroes.  Grammatically, though, that implies that women and superheroes are two different things.  That’s when it dawned on us – Women ARE Superheroes.  Women are shaping new generations, forging new paths, and doing it all in the context of double standards.  Our 49th Annual Women’s Symposium will explore women, our superheroes, in fiction and in reality.   

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11:00 am         Registration Check-in Opens
                        Community Resource Fair 
                        Free Chair Massages for attendees *Must register at arrival with masseuse

12:00 pm         Luncheon and the Opening of the 49th Annual Women’s Symposium 
                        Topical Table Discussions

12:45 pm         Emmie V. Baine Lecture: Kim Olson, Grace After Fire

1:30-2:00 pm  Community Resource Fair
                        Free Chair Massages for attendees *Must register at arrival with masseuse

2:00-2:50 pm   Interest Session

3:00-3:50 pm   Interest Sessions

4:00-4:50 pm   Plenary Session

5:30-6:15 pm   Reception Honoring our Community Awards Winners

6:15 pm-8:30 pm   Community Awards Dinner Program

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Interest Sessions

Interest Session 2:00-2:50pm

Supermom:  Is it all that it's hyped up to be? 
Women have historically found their womanly value in their ability to be a mom. Further, they base their daily value on their ability to be a great mom. Is it possible to juggle it all and be a supermom? Can you pick out all the kids’ outfits, make a homemade instead of a store-bought pie for the kids’ bake sale, remember everyone’s appointments, make a three-course dinner, and do it all looking flawless and wearing heels? Can you still be a wondrous woman and choose not to have children? Come hear what women of different walks of life have to say about the pressure to be a supermom.

Wonder Woman at Work
The times are a-changin’, and so are the roles that women are playing in the workplace. Just a half century ago, the notion that a woman could serve as a man’s equal or greater in traditionally male-dominated fields such as politics, business and the sciences was virtually unheard of. Today, women are embracing these disciplines at an ever-increasing speed that shows no signs of waning.

Interest Session 3:00-3:50pm

Pow! Women Superheroes
In most comic books, women are depicted with large chests, microscopic feet, and waists thinner than their heads. See the way women are portrayed as role models – and literal superheroes – in comic books, and hear from David Hopkins, who was deemed Best Local Comic Book Writer in 2006 by the Dallas Observer, as he talks about one of his teenage super-heroines, Emily Edison.

How to Fight Your Kryptonite
Kryptonite – Superman’s only weakness. Every woman has a weakness (and for many, it’s chocolate). Hear about how you can take care of your body and be the strongest you possible, so you can take on the world! Learn about the “juicing” craze, how to have a balanced diet, and ways to shop for healthy foods.

Interest Session 4:00-4:50pm

Plenary Session:  Our Ultimate Villain: Double Standards
It is no secret that gender has an indelible mark in how we view the world and how we present ourselves in society. Where is the point where our interpretations of gender can be perceived as offensive and discriminatory? Every superhero faces their enemy. Today we acknowledge the role of double standards and the messages that double standards bring to our culture and ourselves.

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All sessions are held on the SMU campus - Level 1 Hughes-Trigg Student Center - 3140 Dyer Street.


Parking at Mockingbird Station or Expressway Towers

  • Attendees may park on Bishop Boulevard free of charge. Please park on the left-hand (inside) lane of the inner curb of the Boulevard. If there is no parking available on Bishop there will be over flow parking available on the second floor (and above) of the Binkley Parking Garage. You can download maps below.  

Shuttle Service from Parking Lots

  • Will be available for pick-up on Bishop Blvd. from 11:00 am - 12:00 pm and from 5:00 - 6:00 pm. For information about accessibility, please call the Women’s Symposium at (214) 768-4792. A map is available at www.smu.edu/womsym.

Special Event Parking Map
DART Route 768 (SMU to Southwestern & Amesbury)
DART Route 768 (Various Locations to SMU)

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Online Registration

REGISTRATION IS CLOSED. You may pay at the door if room is available. However, no phone calls, emails or mail registrations will be accepted after February 27th, 2014.

Mail-In/Fax Registration Forms

All Visiting Colleges and High Schools will only be able to register by the forms below.  

  • Visiting Colleges (PDF)
  • High Schools (PDF) 

Please fax-in or mail-in registration to the number or address below:

FAX: 214.768.3475

SMU Women's Symposium
PO Box 750172
Dallas, TX 75275-0172

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Courtyard Marriott/Dallas
10325 N. Central Expressway 
Dallas, TX 75231 
Phone: 214-622-1012 
Contact: Lance Will

Hotel Lumen
6101 Hillcrest Avenue
Dallas, TX 75205
Phone: 214-219-2400
Contact: Randy Elmore or Daniel de la Corte

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University Special Event Parking Map 2010-11 (PDF)

Map of the First Floor (lower level) of the Hughes-Trigg Student Center
Map to the Hughes-Trigg Student Center
Map to the SMU Campus

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