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ALLIES Program

This is a program for faculty, staff, and students to show tangible support of the LGBT community on campus. Participation includes a 2-hour training, ongoing educational workshops, an Allies rainbow placard, and a very active Allies listerv. We have about 600 Allies on campus.


A discussion and support group for people of the LGBT community and those who are questioning. It is a great place for people just coming out to themselves or for people who have been out and proud for many years . In the past we have talked about religion, parents, marriage, and intersectionality. Come share your story and ideas and listen to others share theirs. For more information contact Val Erwin at verwin@smu.edu.


Is a program that trains students, staff, and faculty to talk about their experiences about being a part of the LGBT community or as an ally. The panel goes into classes, organizations, and staffs to talk about the experiences of the LGBT community. The students who are trained can get a university proficiency for oral communication and human diversity. For more information contact Val Erwin at 214-768-4412 or verwin@smu.edu or visit the LGBT Panel website

LGBT Resource Library

We have an extensive collection of books, magazines, and DVDs with LGBT themes available to be checked out to the SMU community. Additionally, The Dallas Voice, The Advocate and Out are delivered weekly.

Every Student Campaign

We coordinated with about 6 different offices on campus that would work with LGBT students more directly than other departments (Women & LGBT Center, RLSH, Chaplain’s Office, Dean of Student Life, Access and Equity, CAPS, etc.) for issues of Discrimination. We created very bold Rainbow/SMU posters that say, “If you have experienced discrimination because of your actual or perceived LGBT status, we are here to help”. Every cooperating department has the posters up in their offices. We also made a giant banner/poster that we hang at the start of every semester in Hughes Trigg.

LGBT Career Mentor Program

In collaboration with the Hegi Family Career Development Center we are connecting students to mentors in different professions to share experiences with the job seeking process and work-life experiences.

Women & LGBT Center Programs

As a staff, the Women & LGBT Center put on programs throughout the year on LGBT themes. In recent years, programs have included National Transgendered Day of Remembrance, National Coming Out Day, National Day of Silence, Know your status day (HIV related), additionally, we incorporate LGBT hate crimes in our Take Back the Night program.

Wellness Classes

The Women & LGBT Center staff participates in every Wellness 1 class with a presentation on healthy relationships. We are LGBT inclusive and explicit and seek to normalize LGBT relationships.


We directly advise this LGBT affirming student organization. They are mainly undergrad and mainly social. They put on events for National Coming Out Day, as well as other initiatives that arrive from their passions – in past year’s they have put on a “Rent” sing-a-long, brought in speakers, etc. They also collaborate with the Women & LGBT Center on our main programs. Their next program is a group viewing of the film, “Milk”.

Delta Lambda Phi

This is a fraternity whose mission is to enhance the quality of life among gay, bisexual, and progressive men by providing dignified and purposeful social, service, and recreational activities. SMU does have the charter for this organization, but there are no current members. They were active around 2001-2004. If a group of students would like to join this fraternity, there are Allies available to serve as advisor.

SMU LGBT Alumni Organization

This group is newly forming on campus. The Women &LGBT Center is working to connect current student to the group for the purpose of growing future alumni members.