Fraternity and Sorority Life

Strategic Plan


The Southern Methodist University Fraternity and Sorority Community is committed to a well-rounded fraternity & sorority experience grounded in shared goals and values, that fosters a lifelong connection


This has been a year in which we have implemented or revamped some newer initiatives in our office. 

Specifically, we accomplished the following goals:

This was our second year of hosting a Greek Leadership retreat in which we saw increased participation from all 4 councils.

Three of our councils now transition at the same time which allowed us to develop and implement an all council transition program in order to create opportunities for collaboration and idea sharing across the community.

We completed and implemented our 3 year strategic plan for the office.

We were able to hire a graduate assistant for the office who has provided vital support for the initiatives and programs in our office.

The Panhellenic recruitment information sessions were redesigned in order to provide more direct and factual information about how the Panhellenic recruitment process works for both the chapters and the potential new members.

This year was the second year we hosted a new member orientation for all men and women who joined a fraternity or sorority in the Fall 2012 or Spring 2013 semester.  We redesigned the curriculum and schedule based on survey response from participants of the 2012 new member orientation.

WE created a Greek Council which provides opportunities for all 4 councils to come together and create programming and collaboration opportunities to enhance relationships between chapters & councils.


  • The lack of administrative support staff does present its challenges to our office and is more evident during large scale programs such as IFC & Panhellenic recruitment.


Student Success

  • Combine training for areas of risk management into a seminar in order to streamline the training process and ensure proper communication to all appropriate chapter leaders.
  • Reimplementation of annual awards program.

Student Learning

  • Finalize a standards program for our chapters in order to more clearly identify those groups that need additional assistance in different areas of chapter management and to recognize those that our exceeding basic expectations.

Exemplary Division of Student Affairs

  • Develop 1-2 strategic partnerships with other departments at SMU that will benefit the development & resources provided to the students we work with.
  • Select an advisory committee made up of students and advisors who will provide insight and feedback on programs and initiatives our offices implements for the community.