Strategic Plan

Strategic Plan

The Division of Student Affairs at SMU has formulated a strategic plan with an emphasis on enhancing student success, student learning and the overall quality of campus- life for students. The Strategic Plan for the Division of Student Affairs at SMU is the product of many hours of intentional, thoughtful work and involvement by Student Affairs professionals, faculty, university staff and students. It provides a “road map” for our continued development as a Division and is the culmination of our collective commitment to fostering the potential of each student (undergraduate & graduate) at the University.

The development of this strategic plan coincides with the appointment of new leadership within the Division of Student Affairs, and is one that is imbedded in the overall University strategic planning goals, with particular attention to Goal Four: To Support and Sustain Student Development and Quality of Life. (

For any university that emphasizes student learning as a core principle, the identification of student learning outcomes and the assessment of the educational curriculum, activities, programs and services in support of these outcomes, is paramount. In addition, students and their parents have increased expectations that campuses will provide: safe and secure environments for student learning, high-quality facilities and services that are responsive to student needs in a technological and “instant” environment; and inside-of- and outside-of- the-classroom experiences that facilitate opportunities for student growth and development toward successful post graduate careers and life.

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