Division of Student Affairs

Mission Statement

The mission of the Division of Student Affairs is to develop, with others in the University, opportunities for students to become productive citizens through the creation of challenging environments that contribute to students' intellectual, spiritual, physical, social, cultural, moral, and emotional growth, and, in so doing, engage them with the widest range of persons within the University and beyond.

Throughout the Division of Student Affairs, students will encounter caring professionals who are trained and skilled in their own specialties and are professional educators dedicated to assisting students in developing to their full potential. The focus of student affairs is one of education and guidance not merely problem-solving. The role of the staff is, along with the faculty, to assist the student in reaching true maturity and to prepare the student to take a useful place in society.

Concern for and realization of the full development of each student in and out of the classroom constitutes one of the major goals of the University. Consequently, SMU's student affairs programs are designed to support and supplement SMU's formal academic work. All departments exist to provide services for the benefit and convenience of SMU students. The Division of Student Affairs encompasses a broad range of programs and services dealing with residential life and student housing, physical and mental wellness, personal and career counseling and testing, recreational sports and intramurals, religious affairs, minority student programs, as well as judicial matters, new student orientation, volunteer opportunities, and women's programs.