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Aiming at Maturity: The Goal of the Christian Life
Author: Dr. Stephen Rankin, Chaplain to the University (2011)

Appointment: Dr. Lori S. White, Appointed to the Association for the Advancement of Sustainability in Higher Education (AASHE) Board of Directors (December, 2014)

'"I have been in the Storm so long" and I Am Still Here!' Journal of College and Character, 11 (3), 1-7.
Author: Lori S. White (2011).

"Case Studies in Middle Management Supervision." In L. Roper (ed.), New Directions for Student Services, No 136. Supporting and Supervising Mid-Level Professionals (pp 91-98). San Francisco, Jossey-Bass.
Author: Lori S. White (2011).

"Remake, Reimage, Reboot: Lessons from filmmakers on communicating your relevant skills to employers"
Presentation at the 2011 SoACE Annual Conference in Savannah, GA (December 4-7, 2011)
Co-Presenters: Lisa Tran, Janet Lewis, and Regina James from the Hegi Career Development Center

Engaging Students Outside of the Classroom Hilltop Scholars Program featured in ACUHO-I Talking Stick Article.( Sept/Oct 2011)

5 Ways to Pick the Right College Major, US News & World Report Article. (September 19, 2011)
Contributor: Darin Ford, Director of the Hegi Career Development Center

Title: Policies and practices of Holocaust Education: International Perspectives
Proposal accepted for consideration to be included in the program of CIES 2011 Montreal, the 55th Annual Conference of the Comparative and International Education Society held May 1-5, 2011 in Montreal, Quebec, Canada.

  • Carol Clyde, Southern Methodist University
  • Matthias Proske, Universität zu Köln, Germany
  • Zehavit Gross, Bar-Ilan University, Israel
  • Monique Eckmann, HES SO / University of Applied Sciences of Western Switzerland, Geneva
  • Heribert Bastel, Kirchliche Pädagogische Hochschule Wien/Krems, Austria
  • Christian Matzka, University of Education in Vienna, Vienna University
  • Helene Miklas, Kirchliche Pädagogische Hochschule Wien/Krems, Austria
  • Doyle Stevick, University of South Carolina

Working title: “A Ten-Year Study of Career Center/Employer Partnerships”
Published in NACE Journal (Spring 2011), National Association of Colleges and Employers
Authors: Troy Behrens, Jessica Lewis and Darin Ford

Working title: “50+: The Challenges of Career Transition”
Published in Career Planning and Adult Development Journal (December 2010)
Authors: Marva McGrew and Helen Harkness

Working title: “Career Development of 1st Year Students: A longitudinal study”
Published in NACE Journal (Fall 2009)
National Association of Colleges and Employers
Authors: Troy Behrens, Elke Hardt and Caryn Statman

"Where the World Gathers" [PDF]
Published in The Cutting Edge, Official Newsletter of the Association of Higher Education Parent/Family Program Professionals (August 2010)
Author: Dr. Judy Henneberger, Associate Chaplain and Dr. Steve Rankin, Chaplain (contributor)

“What Can You Say in 140 Words? Using Twitter to Market Career Services” [PDF | Web]
Published in the Career Convergence web magazine of the National Career Development Association (June 2010)
Author: Caryn Statman, Assistant Director and Career Counselor at the Hegi Family Career Development Center

"Flourishing Careers: Five women who work in campus facilities management offer advice and encouragement for those who would follow in their path" [PDF | Web]
Published in Talking Stick online magazine of The Association of College & University Housing Officers- International (ACUHO-I) (May - June 2010)
Featuring: Susan Austin, Associate Director of Facilities Operations