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Frequently Asked Questions - Panhellenic Sorority Recruitment

Answers to frequently asked questions regarding Panhellenic Sorority Recruitment.

  1. If your daughter is interested in Panhellenic Recruitment, registration OPENS August 1 and CLOSES October 27th, 2014. No registrations will be processed or allowed after that date. 
  2. All registration fees/costs are non-refundable.
  3. The SMU Panhellenic Council does not require nor manage recommendations. Any recommendations must be mailed directly to the chapters.  Follow this link to view their house addresses.  Any recommendations that come to the Student Activities office will be discarded.  There is no "deadline" for when these are due with SMU Panhellenic or the Student Activities Office.
  4. Zeta Tau Alpha and Alpha Delta Pi are NOT active chapters at SMU. For a listing of all chapters at SMU and their status, please follow this link.
  5. Traditionally, between 500 women will start the recruitment process.  Historically, only three to four women are unfortunately left without an invitation to membership.  While the recruitment process is not perfect, the numbers indicate that overall, if a woman has an open mind and wants to join an organization - one will be available for her.  Too often, though, women go through the process with a more narrow opinion.  Unfortunately, this attitude poses a real danger for disappointment and should be considered before a woman chooses to participate in the process.
  6. Legacies (those with relatives who are/were members) are not guaranteed bids.  Every year, women who are legacies to chapters are disappointed because they are not given an invitation to membership.  In some cases, this becomes a possibility because there are more legacies participating in the process than quota spots available. Additionally, each chapter has differing policies on how legacies are managed, invited and bid. This can be mitigated by participating with an open mind and realizing that each chapter offers something great in their own unique way.
  7. While we cannot guarantee a bid, historically women who maximize their options in the formal recruitment process (meaning they attend all recruitment parties to which they are invited and rank all available options on preference night) have been matched successfully and received a bid.
  8. Residence Halls open at 9am on Sunday January 11th! At this time, your daughter will be able to move in before Panhellenic Recruitment begins.
  9. Recruitment begins on Thursday January 15 at 8:30am but all participants must be back for the orientation meeting on Wednesday, January 14th at 2:00pm to be eligible. Please plan travel arrangements accordingly. 

Are you wondering about costs? This information is found under each governing council's menu tab.

Are you wondering how the chapters fare in terms of grades and conduct (disciplinary) status?  Follow the link to view our Chapter Status information.

Need information on our two Panhellenic Houses? See below:


Panhellenic I and II Houses are independently managed by the housing corporations of two national sorority chapters who are not currently operating at SMU.  Alpha Delta Pi and Zeta Tau Alpha house corporations lease out their houses to affliliated sorority women through their own independent processes.  The office of Fraternity and Sorority Life has no immediate knowledge of any fees, deadlines, or processes required for residence in Panhellenic I and II.  Below is the direct contact information for the Panhellenic I and II House Director.  Any questions, comments or concerns should be directed to these women. It should also be stated that there is no timetable for the return of these chapters to our campus.  When/if those chapters do return, they will return to the housing space currently managed by these housing corporations and the respective Panhellenic I/II house will cease to exist.

Panhellenic I (Zeta Tau Alpha): Stacy LaRue Gannon | 214-929-1779 | *For the 2014-2015 academic year, Panhellenic I will be unavailable as a housing option.

Panhellenic II (Alpha Delta Pi): Cheryl Markey | 214-691-7403 |