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Friday Update Form

Read the guidelines and fill out the form below to submit an event or organization meeting announcement for inclusion in the weekly "Friday Update from the Division of Student Affairs" email.

Guidelines for Use of Broadcast Email

  1. Only submissions by University departments that fall under the Division of Student Affairs or organizations whose status is "Current Chartered Organization" as indicated by the Office of Student Activities at SMU will be considered. If you are not sure whether your organization is "Chartered" please call the SAMSA Office at 214-768-4400 or send e-mail to Alexis Goldberg, SMU Senate Organizations Chair. 
  2. Deadline for submission is every Wednesday by 5:00 PM. Submitted items are then compiled and sent to all students on Friday mornings during the Fall & Spring terms.
  3. The announcement must be of interest to the entire SMU student body and may also be considered for distribution to the entire SMU community, including faculty and staff, by specific request (see the form below).
  4. Only one announcement per specific event or activity will be allowed each semester, regardless of whether it is a one-time occurrence or a recurring weekly or monthly meeting.
  5. Events which may take place off-campus should indicate an on-campus location (e.g. steps of Hughes-Trigg, the Flagpole) for participants to gather where 1) transportation will be provided by the sponsoring organization or 2) participants may seek to carpool with other participants.
  6. All postings must include a local contact number for receiving more information.  Postings with long distance numbers will not be included.
  7. The individual, organization or department requesting the posting of an announcement is responsible for the accuracy and timeliness of the information submitted.
  8. The fields marked with a * are required - Contact Name, E-mail Address, LOCAL Phone Number and Organization Name - MUST be filled in or the announcement will not be considered. 
  9. Announcements should be brief (100 characters or fewer, please) and contain only essential information. Do not use prepositions, etc., if they are not necessary. We reserve the right to edit long postings.
  10. Replies to the Friday message that are sent to the Office of Student Development & Programs will not be answered.
  11. The Friday Update is a notice of events for the upcoming 7 Days (Friday-Thursday).  Events submitted in advance will still only be included in the notices sent out the week of the event, with Friday events being sent out the same day as the event unless a need to be publicized in advance of the actual week is included as the first sentence in the "Details" section.
  12. Exceptions may be made to these guidelines at the discretion of the Executive Director for Student Development & Programs.

If you have any questions or comments about these guidelines, please email Norma Munoz. No phone calls, please.


Contact Information
Do not submit in all CAPS.
Do not submit in all CAPS.
Do not submit in all CAPS.
Use this format: 214-768-1234. This format 8-1234 will not be accepted. All phone numbers must be LOCAL phone numbers. Request with long distance phone numbers will not be included in the Friday Update.
Event Information
Do not submit in all CAPS - 25 characters max.
Use this format: Mon, Nov 05; Wed, Nov 07; Fri, Nov 09
Use this format: 1pm - 3pm
Do not submit in all CAPS - 25 characters max.
Do not submit in all CAPS - 125 characters max.
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