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Student Development and Programs

Jennifer JonesThe Department of Student Development and Programs is a combination of four campus offices within the Division of Student Affairs, reporting through Jennifer "JJ" Jones, Executive Director. Our offices strive to provide quality programming and development opportunities for the students here at SMU. This office is also responsible for the Social Event Registration Process and the weekly Friday Update e-mails of upcoming activities for the week. 

We hope you will take some time to visit the individual program sites to learn more about what we have to offer.

Program Areas

Social Event Registration (SERC)
The Social Event Registration process is in place to educate, assist, and support our students as they plan responsible social events. 

Evening Programs Initiatives Contributions. EPIC funds have been allocated to support student-initiated late night programs that promote safe and responsible social interaction and behavior on and around the SMU campus.

Student Affairs Internship
The Student Affairs Intern Program was developed to give undergraduate students an understanding of higher education in the Student Affairs area.

Discovery Course
Fitting into a World of Difference