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Mustang Corral Program Faculty & Staff Opportunities

The Office of New Student Orientation and Student Support is looking for Faculty and Staff members to participate in Mustang Corral. Mustang Corral is a three-day, two-night off campus retreat before classes begin. New students are introduced to faculty, staff, and current students who will teach them about academic life, campus opportunities, and the traditions that shape SMU.

Around 80% or more of the incoming class attends Mustang Corral along with anywhere from 50-100 transfer students. We are seeking Faculty and Staff members that will help transition the new incoming students to SMU.

Faculty/Staff involvement in Mustang Corral is essential to incoming student success and a necessary element to their transition to SMU! New students enjoy meeting the different Faculty/Staff in this informal setting and many Faculty/Staff have found Mustang Corral to be a positive experience that connects them with students, both incoming and current, through meaningful ways. The Mustang Corral Team works all Spring Semester and Summer to develop an educational and meaningful curriculum to engage Mustang Corral participants in the university community.

Research shows that it is very important to create and foster these initial connections between new students and Faculty/Staff. The relationships between students and Faculty/Staff are often a deciding factor for new students in determining their comfort level at their new university. We are looking for YOUR involvement and support in this important program so that we can retain these students!

The Office of New Student Orientation and Student Support offers volunteer positions for full-time Faculty and Staff members at SMU.

Please direct all of your questions to the Office of New Student Orientation and Student Support; Mustang Corral Team at mustangcorral@smu.edu or 214-768-4560.