Student Transitions & Orientation

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Orientation Registration

The opening of AARO registration has been delayed.  
AARO registration will open on Monday, April 6th.
We thank you for your patience.  

On April 6, 2015, AARO registration will be open to all deposit-paid and fully-matriculated first-year students (transfer students may be deposit-paid). 

Orientation Registration Instructions

In order to register for AARO you will need to have your SMU ID number and the password.  You will complete your registration online through my.SMU, SMU’s Student Information System.

On this page you will find detailed instructions that will guide you through the various steps of the registration process. We encourage you to read through the information provided below before starting your Orientation Registration.

Your Orientation Registration includes four sections that need to be completed in sequence:

  1. Student Center (Review/Update Personal Information)
  2. AARO Registration (Select an AARO Session, etc.)
  3. Parent/Guest Registration (Provide Parent/Guest Information)
  4. Mustang Corral Registration (only applies to students attending FALL AARO)

If you cannot finish all four sections the first time you log-in to my.SMU, complete the section you are in and your selections will be saved. Then you can proceed to the next section when you log in again.

Once you have completed Orientation Registration, e-mail confirmations of your registration(s) for AARO or Mustang Corral (Fall AARO only) will be sent to your SMU e-mail address. In addition, please note that once registration is complete, you can make changes online up to seven days before your AARO session start date.

For questions regarding forgotten passwords, IDs, accounts problems, browser and technology issues please contact the SMU ITS Helpdesk at or 214-768-4357 (8-HELP). 

For any questions related to Orientation Registration, please contact the New Student Orientation and Student Support Office at or 214-768-4560.

Instructions for Student Center

The first step in the process to register for AARO is to verify your personal information, which consists of "Home and Mailing Addresses", "Phone Numbers", "Emergency Contact", "Demographic Information", and “Ethnicity”.

To start verifying your "Personal Information":

  1. Click on the "Student Center" link.
  2. Scroll down the page to the "Personal Information" section and click on “Demographic Data”:

  3. Once you have verified Demographic Information, click on each of of the other four highlighted tabs that appear at the top of the page and proceed to verify and/or update the displayed information, check the box, and click the "Save" button.  If you are having any trouble verifying and/or updating your personal information please refer to the following detailed tutorials for further assistance:
    1. Home and Mailing Addresses (Update Addresses Tutorial)
    2. Phone Numbers (Update Phone Number Tutorial)
    3. Emergency Contact (Update Emergency Contact Tutorial)
    4. Demographic Information (Note: If Gender is not specified, you must select one) (Update Demographic Information Tutorial)
    5. Ethnicity (Update Ethnicity Tutorial)

After completing verification, click on the link labeled "Orientation Registration" and located on the right side of the Student Center page.

Instructions for the Remaining Sections

On the Orientation Registration page, you will complete three remaining sections in sequence:  AARO Registration, Parent/Guest Registration, and Mustang Corral (Mustang Corral only applies to students attending Fall AARO).

Step-by-step instructions are provided on each page of the three sections to assist you in successfully completing the registration process.

  • To begin, click on the AARO Registration link.
  • As you complete each page, click the "Next" button (located in the top left corner). 
  • One section leads into the next for your convenience.
  • Please DO NOT use the back arrow on your browser at any time during the registration process, as this will cause a disruption.  If you must return to a preceding page, click on the Student Center link on the left side of the page (or the Cancel button, where applicable), return to the Orientation Registration page, click the link of the section needed, and use the "Next" button until you reach the page desired.
  • After registration, review your selections on the Orientation Registration Summary page.

To start your Orientation Registration, continue in your original my.SMU window if already logged in. Otherwise, click on the my.SMU button to start.