Student Transitions & Orientation

AARO Registration Tips

Registration for summer AARO opens April 1st!

Click here to view our 2016 AARO Registration Tips. This online PDF shows step by step instructions of how to register for AARO on your My.SMU portal!

Questions you may have while registering

Why can't I register for AARO?

  • Have you paid your deposit?
    • Yes: It takes about 48 hours for deposits to be processed
    • No: Pay your deposit and wait 48 hours to try registering

  • I paid my deposit more than 48 hours ago and still can’t access the orientation registration link.
    • Try looking at our AARO Registration Tips
    • Still can’t figure it out?
      • Email or call (214) 768-4560
Why do I need to update my personal info?
  • In order to register for AARO, we have to make sure we have the most up to date information. You will see your personal info on your “To Do List” in the student center. Once you complete this, you will be able to register for an AARO session.
Am I registered for Mustang Corral?
  • All first year students are automatically registered for Mustang Corral when they register for AARO.
  • Transfer students will register for Mustang Corral after they attend AARO and receive more information.
What is Discover Dallas and what am I ranking?
  • Discover Dallas is a program during Mustang Corral where new students go on excursions in the Dallas Area. Discover Dallas gives you the opportunity to connect with the community you will live in for the next four years. View the trip locations & descriptions here. You will find out which trip you will go on at Mustang Corral!