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How to Reapply

Reapplication & Room Selection


Here are the basic facts of the process for this year: 

  1. Current residents must reapply to live on-campus next year and pick a room. Reapplication is on-line February 8-19.
  2. Rising sophomores who are required to live on-campus but wish to live elsewhere (i.e., Greek house) must still reapply requesting an exemption.
  3. Room selection is on-line. Students will be given a time slot to log in.
  4. Upperclass housing residents (Daniel, Moore, Smith) will be able to select a room on-line February 29-March 4.
  5. Most residents will return to their current Residential Commons and will select a room during the Room Selection process March 14-24.
  6. Residents may request to be assigned to a different residential community for the 2016-17 academic year. Specific buildings may not be requested, and RLSH will make assignments after room selection is complete.
  7. SMU has enough rooms across campus to ensure that current residents who reapply will have housing for next year.

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February 8-19   On-Line Reapplication for all Current undergraduate residents (priority for room selection)
February 24

Notification to residents with with request for Upperclass community (e-mail with details about room selection)

February 29 -
March 4
  Upperclass community room selection (on-line)
February 22-
March 4
  Requests for exemption from two-year housing requirement to live sorority or fraternity house (on-line, Reapplication must be completed first)

March 9

Notification to residents with details about Residential Commons room selection (e-mail with date and time to log in to select a room)
Notification to residents who requested to change to a different commons (e-mail notice, Commons and room to be assigned by RLSH)

March 9
  All approved Greek house exemptions will automatically cancel the RLSH housing application and meal plan selected during Reapplication (e-mail notice will be sent)
March 14-18
  Residential Commons Room Selection (on-line)
Date and times will vary according to Residential Commons room selection priority criteria

March 21-24


Room selection continues, including make-up times

June 1
  Deadline for cancellation of housing without penalty

How to Reapply & Select a Room in Three Easy Steps

  1. Complete the reapplication process on-line during the priority period, February 8-19 - HOUSING PORTAL LOGIN
  2. To request a different community for 2016-17:
    • For Upperclass community, indicate "request upperclass housing" when you reapply (by February 19), and look for email on February 24th.
    • For a different Residential commons, indicate "request to be reassigned to a different RC" when you reapply (by February 19), and look for email on March 9th.
    • To request to live in your Greek chapter house as a sophomore, submit exemption request on-line February 22-March 4, and look for notification on March 9th.
  3. Select a room in your community
    • Residential Commons-- on-line selection March 14-18. You will be notified on March 9th of your log in day and time.
    • Upperclass community-- on-line room selection February 29-March 4. You will notified on February 24th of your log-in time.
    • Greek chapter house-- if granted the exemption to live in the house as a sophomore, residents work with the house corporation regarding assignment.
    • Different Commons-- RLSH will assign you to a commons after priority room selection is complete.

Room Selection Intention

When reapplying, students will indicate their primary intention for room selection:

  • sign up for same room
  • sign up for different room in same community
  • request to be reassigned to a different Residential Commons
  • request upperclass housing (i.e., Daniel, Moore, Smith, Service House) and seniors requesting Martin
  • requesting an exemption to live in a Greek House
  • requesting a single and willing to be moved anywhere

This information will be used to analyze supply and demand, and to determine moves among the various communities, including moves to Upperclass housing and reassignment to a different Residential Commons. Room selection intention is NOT an assignment to that type of housing.

Residential Commons Room Selection

Priority room selection for the Residential Commons will be March 14 to March 18, and is only on-line. Each Residential Commons sets their own priority criteria for the order in which students may select a room. Each student is given a specific time and date when she or he may log into complete the process. Please see the specific criteria for all commons here. Students will be notified of their time slot on Wednesday, March 9th.

The following criteria apply to all room selection processes

  • A student must complete the housing reapplication process (February 8-19) to select a room.
  • To select a double room, you must sign up with a roommate. Students who select without a roommate are subject to changes made by RLSH.
  • Roommates must be "requested" and "accepted" in the housing portal in order to be valid. (See Requesting/Accepting a Roommate Request in the FAQs.)

Request to Change to Different Commons

Most students will remain in their Residential Commons for next year, and there space for changes is limited. Students requesting to be in a different Residential Commons will be assigned to a different commons by RLSH after room selection is completed, and will be notified on March 31st.

Upperclass Housing (Daniel, Moore, Smith) Room Selection

Room selection for residents in Daniel, Moore and Smith will be on-line February 29-March 4. Residents approved for upperclass housing will be able to select on-line from available rooms in all three communities. Residents will be notified on February 24th of their log-in time to select a room.

Priority of assignment to upperclass housing is 1) current residents returning to Daniel, Moore, and Smith, 2) seniors from Residential Commons, 3) juniors from Residential Commons, 4) sophomores from Residential Commons. Students currently living in Residential Commons will be notified on February 24th if they are approved for a change to upperclass housing.

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SMU Dining Plans

An SMU dining plan is required for students living in the Residential Commons. Dining plans for the 2016-17 academic year are:

All-Access 7 Plans:  Available to all residential students and is required for resident students who are required to live on-campus for their first two years at SMU (regardless of credit hours.)

The Works (7 days) with $200
  $2,842.50 per semester
The Works (7 days) with $300
  $2,912.50 per semester
The Works (7 days) with $500
  $3,082.50 per semester

Includes seven day access to residential dining restaurants (Umphrey Lee, Arnold and meal equivalency at Mac's Place) and a pre-determined amount of Flex per semester.

Block 150 Plans: Available to residential students who are juniors and seniors (third, fourth years)

Block 150 with $200
  $1,740.00 per semester
Block 150 with $300
  $1,810.00 per semester
Block 150 with $500
  $1,980.00 per semester

Includes 150 meal "swipes" at residential dining restaurants and a pre-determined amount of Flex per semester.

Block 50 (Seniors) Plans: Available for residential residents who are seniors (fourth year)

Block 50 (SR) with $200
  $710.00 per semester
Block 50 (SR) with $300
  $780.00 per semester
Block 50 (SR) with $500
  $950.00 per semester
Includes 50 meal "swipes" at residential dining restaurants and a pre-determined amount of Flex per semester.

More information about dining on-campus is available at SMU Dining, and on our Reapplication FAQ page.

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SMU Fraternity and Sorority Houses

Each fraternity and sorority house at SMU manages their own housing occupancy, usually through a House Corporation. Members should inquire with chapter leadership regarding expectations and requirements for living in the house. While University policy requires first-year students to live on-campus for their first two years, policy also permits students to meet the second year of residency while living in their fraternity or sorority house. Rising sophomores interested in this option must

  1. Reapply for housing with RLSH during the Reapplication process, on-line (February 8-19)
  2. Request an "exemption" from housing requirement in order to live in fraternity/sorority house as sophomore, on-line (February 22-March 4)
  3. If approved, you will be notified on March 9th and must provide a signed copy of the sublease or housing agreement with the House Corporation no later than May 15th.

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