Housing Reapplication

How to Reapply

Reapplication & Room Selection


With the transition to the Residential Commons, the reapplication process has changed. Here are the basic facts of the new process: 

  1. Current residents must reapply in order to live on-campus next year and participate in room selection. Reapplication is on-line February 10-28.
  2. Rising sophomores who are required to live on-campus but wish to live elsewhere must still go through the Reapplication process.
  3. There are 11 Residential Commons and several Upperclass residence halls available for returning residents to select room assignments.
  4. Students who want to live in a Residential Commons (whether in a current building or a new building) will be able to select their RC in person at the RC Selection event on March 24 & 25.  After that, students complete room selection on-line March 27-April 4.
  5. Students who want to live in Upperclass housing will be able to select their room on-line March 27-April 4.
  6. Roommates should request each other when reapplying for housing. A new function in the room selection process will allow for roommates to be assigned at the same time.
  7. Housing capacity is growing for the coming year, so current residents who reapply will receive housing and will be able to select from available spaces.

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February 4-12 Information sessions in residence halls (date and times vary)
February 10-28 Reapplication (on-line)  
March 3 Notification housing status (for Residential Commons selection, Upperclass Housing, or other request such as fraternity/sorority house)
Notice will include appointment time for RC Selection Event
March 24 & 25

RC Selection Event- McFarlin Auditorium, Appointment times issued on March 3

March 27-April 4 On-Line Room Selection  
April 5-May 1 Requests for Assignment changes  
June 1 Deadline for cancellation of housing without penalty  

How to Reapply in Four Easy Steps

  1. Complete the reapplication process on-line from February 10-28.
  2. Read your housing status email on March 3rd.
  3. If signing up for Residential Commons housing, attend the RC Selection Event March 24 or 25 at your appointment time.
  4. Select a room on-line March 27-April 4.

Roommate Requests

Roommates may request each other when completing the reapplication information on-line by entering their roommate's SMU ID number. This is the first time for returning residents to request a roommate. Roommates may also be requested during RC Selection. The final request for a roommate occurs during the room selection portion of the process.

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RC Requests/Hall Requests

When reapplying, students will indicate their primary preference for ONE of the following: 1) Residential Commons housing, 2) Upperclass housing or 3) Any Available housing. In addition, students may also indicate a preferred building. Building preferences are being collected for statistical analysis to coordinate the supply & demand for different buildings. RLSH will make best efforts to accomodate preferences, but specific requests are not guarnateed.

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Residential Commons Selection

After the on-line reapplication process closes on February 28, 2014, RLSH will use the primary preference data to sort students into the two housing options (Residential Commons and Upperclass). Students will be notified of their housing status on March 3rd, including information about participation in the RC Selection Event which happens on March 24 & 25. Students who will live in the Residential Commons will be given an appointment time to attend RC Selection. Appointment times will be randomly distributed among those selecting a Residential Commons. Roommates may attend the Selection Event at the earliest time between the two roommates. Students who are unable to attend the Event may work with RLSH for a friend or roommate to serve as a "proxy" in their absence, so long as it is arranged in advance.

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Room Selection

Most students who reapply will select their room during the on-line Room Selection process March 27-April 4. Students will see all rooms for which they are eligible, either in their Residential Commons or in the Upperclass residence halls. All students selecting a room on-line will have a space in their community. (Service House residents and Martin Hall seniors will select rooms with RLSH staff after April 4th.)

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Selecting a Room and Roommate

A new feature of this year's process is the capability for one student to assign a room for themselves and their roommate by entering the roommate's SMU ID and Roommate Code during room selection. Students will set up their own Roommate Code when filling out the reapplication information and will need to share it with their roommate prior to the start of room selection on March 27th. RLSH cannot retrieve or reset codes: students will have to log in to reset their own code if necessary.

Room selection for all Residential Commons and Upperclass housing takes place March 27-April 4. Selection times will be staggered by student classification (rising seniors & juniors, then rising sophomores) and by RC, in order to optimize computing power on the server.

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SMU Dining

An SMU dining plan is required for students living in the Residential Commons and in some Upperclass residence halls (Smith and Perkins Halls). Dining plans for the 2014-15 academic year are:

All-Access 7:  includes seven day access to residential dining restaurants (Umphrey Lee, Arnold and meal equivalency at Mac's Place) and $100 Flex per semester. This plan is available to all residential students. (Students may also increase the amount of Flex Dollars at a discounted rate.)

Block 250: includes 250 meal "swipes" at residential dining restaurants and $100 Flex per semester. This plan is available for residential students who are juniors and seniors. (Additional Flex Dollars at a discounted rate are also available.)

Block 125: includes 125 meal "swipes" at residential dining restaurants and $100 Flex per semester. This plan is available for residential students who are juniors and seniors. (Additional Flex Dollars at a discounted rate are also available.)

Block 50 (Seniors): includes 50 meal "swipes" at residential dining restaurants and $100 Flex per semester. This plan is available for residential students who are seniors. (Additional Flex Dollars at a discounted rate are also available.)

More information about dining on-campus is available at SMU Dining, and on our Reapplication FAQ page.

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SMU Fraternity and Sorority Houses

Each fraternity and sorority house at SMU manages their own housing occupancy, usually through a House Corporation. Members of each chapter should inquire with chapter leadership regarding expectations and requirements for living in the house. While University policy requires first-year students to live on-campus in a residence hall or Residential Commons for their first two years, policy also permits students to meet the second year of residency while living in their fraternity or sorority house. Rising sophomores interested in this option must still reapply for housing with Residence Life & Student Housing during the Reapplication process in order for this to occur.

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