Housing Reapplication

Frequently Asked Questions about Reapplication

Frequently Asked Questions

With so many changes come lots of questions. If your question isn't answered here, please email us at housing@smu.edu

Am I guaranteed housing next year?

  • Yes, if you are living in the residence halls now, BUT you will have to reapply February 10-28. If you miss that Reapplication process, you’d be waitlisted.

Do I have to live in an RC as a sophomore? Are there other RLSH facilities where I can live? 

  • If you are required to live on-campus next year, there are several options to meet the requirement
    • Residential Commons (Current residence halls including Boaz, Cockrell-McIntosh, Mary Hay, McElvaney, Morrison-McGinnis, Peyton, Shuttles, Virginia-Snider and the five new buildings under construction)
    • Upperclass housing including Moore Hall (apartment-style), Smith Hall, Perkins Hall, Daniel House (apartment-style), Service House

Can I live in my Greek house as a sophomore?

  • Yes, if your sorority or fraternity chapter has space for you to live there. Keep in mind that any rising sophomore who wants to live in their Greek house has to still go through Reapplication in order to process the request and meet the on-campus residency requirement. You will also need to complete any paperwork your chapter requires such as a sublease or other housing agreement.

Is there enough space for rising juniors and seniors?

  • With more spaces available overall for first-year and sophomore students, we do anticipate more room for juniors and seniors. Several residential facilities are designated as Upperclass, including facilities such as Daniel House and Moore which are very popular with juniors and seniors. In addition, some rooms in Martin Hall are being reserved exclusively for seniors.

Can I move off-campus as a sophomore? If I’m from Dallas, can I request to live at home my sophomore year?

  • Typically if you lived on-campus your first-year, you are required to live on-campus again. Exceptions to the policy requirement can be requested when you reapply, but are rarely granted. Decisions are made on a case by case basis.

What does it cost to live in an RC?

  • For 2014-15, the academic year cost for double occupancy is $9,670. Single occupancy is $12,050.

Do I have to have a dining plan?

  • Residents in the Residential Commons and upperclass students traditional style residence halls (Smith and Perkins) must have a dining plan.

Am I guaranteed to get a new building? Am I guaranteed to get what building I want?

  • Unfortunately, there are no guarantees about being assigned to one of the new RCs or getting your first choice. All of the RCs will house first-year students next year, and so space must be reserved for the incoming students.

How do I get to pick one of the new RC buildings?

  • First, when you reapply (February 10-28), you will need to indicate your first preference as Residential Commons housing. On March 3rd you'll be notified if you are approved for RC housing. Then you will attend the RC selection event on March 24 or 25 to select your RC. If space permits, you will be able to select one of the new buildings.

Can I stay in my same building even though the academic/theme is being eliminated?

  • Yes, space permitting. If your current residence hall is transitioning to a Residential Commons, you’ll participate in RC Selection March 24 & 25. If your current hall is becoming Upperclass housing, you’ll want to indicate Upperclass housing as your preference when applying and then participate in Room Selection at the end of March.

Why are Smith and Perkins not part of the RCs?

  • Since these two halls have not yet been renovated, they don’t have the common spaces which are required for a Residential Commons such as updated classroom and Faculty in Residence accommodations. However, SMU will be renovating Smith and Perkins in the 2015-16 academic year, to re-open as the newest Residential Commons in the Fall of 2016.

How do I request an accommodation for a disability?

  • RLSH works with the Disability Accommodations & Success Strategies (DASS) office regarding disability accommodation in housing. To establish eligibility for accommodation, students must contact DASS and submit required documentation. DASS works with students with learning disabilities, physical disability, psychiatric disorders and others. To request accommodation in housing, students must indicate the request when applying for housing.

Can I study abroad and get housing when I come back?

  • Yes, if you are studying abroad this coming Fall semester, be sure to apply for Spring 2015 housing before you leave the end of this semester. Your room assignment will be made towards the end of the Fall semester.

What if I’m studying abroad in the Spring?

  • If you lived with us in the Fall, be sure to let us know before you leave that you want to participate in Reapplication and Room Selection for the following year. We will send instruction on how to participate while abroad.

How can I request Daniel House or Martin Hall? 

  • Daniel House:  When you reapply for housing indicate your first preference as Upperclass Housing. Then, space permitting, you would be able to select Daniel House during room selection March 27-April 4. If there is no space available during selection, please select another building.
  • Martin Hall:  A limited number of spaces will be available in Martin for undergraduates, and they are reserved for Seniors. RLSH will notify students who are assigned to Martin.

 rev. 1/27/2014