Housing Reapplication

Housing Reapplication


Where Will You Live Next Year?

It's time for decide where to live next year! Whether you are a rising sophomore, or a soon-to-be junior or senior, you will need a place to live next year! Here is the basic information you need to know.

First, 2014-15 is bringing lots of changes to housing at SMU as we transition to the Residential Commons. It means the process for reapplying for housing is completely different and that the "housing lottery" is a thing of the past. The transition also brings changes to the designation for existing residence halls (see Options), and more space for returning students. In addition, the University policy for first-year students to live on-campus their first two years at SMU will apply to the class of 2016 and beyond.

Second, students who reapply will complete the process on-line (February 10-28), by completing the Housing License Agreement and indicating preferences for Residential Commons or Upperclass housing options. Students will be notified on March 3 whether they will be selecting a room in Residential Commons or Upperclass housing. We do expect to be able to accommodate all current residents who go through reapplication. (Students who miss reapplication may be waitlisted for housing.)

Third, students who are approved for Residential Commons housing will attend the RC Selection Event at their designated time on March 24 & 25 to pick one of the 11 Residential Commons as their new home. Roommates should attend together and may come at the earliest time between the roommates. Room selection takes place on-line from March 27-April 4, and students will select a room within their RC. Students who are approved for Upperclass housing will also participate in on-line room selection March 27-April 4, selecting rooms from the available Upperclass residence halls/houses. (See Reapplication Process for details)

Now that you know the basics, be sure to look at the Reapplication Guide (pdf) and other links on this site for additional information, including a list of Frequently Asked Questions.




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