Residence Hall and Student Housing

Loft Information

Requests for lofts will be accepted during the first four weeks of class for the Fall semester. Residents may request the loft at their area desk.

Students requesting lofts will be required to read the SMU Residence Life & Student Housing Loft Policy.

Display lofts will be set up in each Residential Commons so students will be able to look at samples of the different heights.

Here are a few questions you  may have about lofts.

Q:  How high will my bed be when I move into my room?
A: Upon move-in beds will be set at “regular” height which is 42” or lower from the top of the mattress to the floor.

Q: Can I request to have my bed lofted/bunked (raised)?
A: Yes, a Loft/Bunk Request Form must be filled out by the resident requesting a loft/bunk prior to loft assembly.

Q: Where do I go to pick up a form?
A: You may pick up a form at the area desk. If you live in:

  • Virginia-Snider, Mary Hay, Peyton, Shuttles or Boaz visit the Area desk at Virginia-Snider 
  • McElvaney, Cockrell-McIntosh, Morrison-McGinnis, Smith, Perkins or Moore visit the Area desk at McElvaney

  • Armstrong, Crum, Kathy Crow, Loyd or Ware visit the Area desk at Armstrong

  • Fraternity House, Service House or Multicultural House residents visit the RLSH office in Boaz
  • Forms should be turned in where you obtained the form.

Q:  Is there a display loft I can see?
A:  YES! Display lofts are set-up the first week of school in residential commons and residence halls. We strongly encourage all residents to visit a display loft to climb up and try it out prior to filling out their request.

Q:  Can I request a ladder for my bed?
A:  Yes, you may request a ladder (optional). 

Q:  When will my loft/bunk be assembled?
A:  Requests will be accepted the first four weeks of class. The first request is free of charge. Most lofts/bunks will be constructed on assigned days throughout the first three weeks of move-in. Lofts/bunks are NEVER constructed on heavy move-in days due to congestion in buildings and elevator use.

Q:  Can I raise my own bed or assemble my own loft?
A:  NO! All lofts/bunks must be assembled by Residence Life and Student Housing custodial or maintenance staff. Unauthorized lofts that are found in rooms will be removed and the student charged $50.

Q:  What if I decide I do not want my bed lofted anymore?
A:  You may request that your bed be returned to “regular” height or lower (below 44” mattress height) at any time during the year at no charge.

Q:  What if I decide I want to change the height of my loft?
A:  Any additional request to adjust the height of the loft during the first four weeks of class will result in a $50 charge. A Modification to Original Loft/Bunk Request Form must be filled out at the area desk.

updated 06/05/2014