Counseling Services

Our Services

Listed below are the primary range of services offered by our Licensed Chemical Dependency Counselor. For more information about any of the services you see listed below, or for confidential help, please call us at 214-768-1506.


We meet with students to discuss their use of alcohol or other drugs. We encourage students to look for underlying causes of any problems and seek to help them explore appropriate responses for problem resolution. We also meet with students who are referred by SMU Judicial Affairs for violations of Standards of Conduct or SMU policy regarding alcohol and other drugs.

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Working with students, family, friends, faculty and staff, we're available to students in trouble and provide them access to appropriate help and/or resources. We work with students who come to us directly as well as with others who may be concerned about a family member, friend or employee.

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Often a person falls into an abuse problem as one way of dealing with life stresses or as an attempt to "fit in". Our office provides counseling to those needing help with substance abuse problems. We also work with recovering students on relapse prevention and on re-entry to the SMU community following treatment.

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After an assessment, we help students needing specialized care to find it. This may include short-term counseling, outside support groups, outpatient or residential treatment.

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We work with student organizations to coordinate projects to focus attention on the issues of alcohol and drug abuse. We encourage students to become aware of the potential dangers of substance abuse, as well as the legal ramifications of underage drinking or the use of a fake I.D.

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The Center for Alcohol and Drug Abuse Prevention maintains a close association with support groups on campus and in the surrounding community, and makes referrals to support groups as dictated by the needs of the individual.

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Our office offers training to students and staff on a variety of topics related to alcohol and other drugs, substance abuse and chemical dependency. Professional staff and student peer educators give presentations and facilitate discussions on a wide variety of substance abuse and chemical dependency topics. Substance Abuse Awareness Classes are scheduled off campus throughout each semester. We offer Training in Intervention Procedures (TIPS), a bystander training program which empowers students to identify and intervene to prevent alcohol-related incidents on campus.

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The Center for Alcohol and Drug Abuse Prevention sponsors BACCHUS, a peer education group. B.A.C.C.H.U.S. (Boosting Alcohol Consciousness Concerning the Health of University Students) members are available for campus and community group educational presentations. They may be reached by calling 214-768-4021.

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