The Center for Alcohol and Drug Abuse Prevention

Substance Abuse Prevention Classes

Campus Clarity:  Think About It

Entering students for the Fall 2014 semester should complete the online 'Think About It' course in the summer, prior to their arrival on campus for the Fall semester.

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The electronic Check-Up to Go (e-CHUG) is a brief self-assessment that provides you with accurate, detailed and personalized feedback on your use of alcohol, and specific information and helpful resources in the Southern Methodist University community.


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This site is designed to give you personalized feedback on your marijuana use. Answering each question truthfully and accurately will give you helpful feedback regarding your individual pattern of marijuana use and how it might be affecting your personal relationships, life and career goals, and your overall health and wellbeing.


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State Certified Alcohol Education Classes - Off Campus

If you need to attend a Substance Abuse Awareness class during the semester, and cannot attend any of the dates listed above, there are classes available through several off-campus education providers:

Alcohol Awareness for Minors
Park Cities CARE, 5801 Hillcrest, Biggers Building. Call 214-663-1123 to schedule. This is a 6-hour, state-certified course.  Also offered at other locations.

Genesis offers a Minor in Possession class or an ADAPT class (Alcohol and Drug Abuse Prevention)
You can make arrangements to attend one of these classes by calling 214-350-2223.

MADD (Mothers Against Drunk Driving) offers classes.
They can be scheduled by calling 214-637-0372, extension 308.

Dallas Challenge offers the YDDPP (Youthful Drinking and Driving Prevention Program), a course that is required by some courts.
They can be reached at 214-566-4680.

Lonestar Youth Education offers an Alcohol Awareness for Minors class
This six-hour course is taught over two days. Weekday and weekend classes are available. Lonestar Youth Education is located at 1230 N. Industrial Blvd. at Cole, Dallas, TX 75207. They can be reached at 214-448-8723 or via email at

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Marijuana 101

MARIJUANA 101 is an online drug education course. You'll need access to an internet connected computer; home, school, or library and an email address.

Download the instruction street

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TIPS - Training for Intervention Procedures for the University

This 2.5 hour program is based on the original TIPS for One Premise program, which was designed for establishments where alcohol is served on the premises. The TIPS for University program is a positive approach to a difficult problem. Students who participate in this course can take a leading role in the effort to prevent intoxication and alcohol misuse on campus. TIPS teaches students to recognize and build upon skills they use every day in dealing with one another.

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'Because I Care'

A one-hour module, taught in conjunction with TIPS, that provides students with the information and skills they need to intervene with peers who are using drugs. Scheduled by request. Program goals are to:

  • learn how drugs affect people and the signs, symptoms and indicators of use
  • share ideas for influencing peers to lower risk
  • develop strategies for preventing drug-related tragedies on campus
  • apply the information through discussion and practice exercises

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