Student Center

Hours of Operation

Building Hours

in effect until May 17, 2014

Monday - Wednesday: 7am - 12am
Thursday and Friday: 7am - 2am
Saturday: 8am - 2am
Sunday: 10am - 12am

Administrative Office Hours

Monday - Friday 8:30 am - 5:00 pm

Dining Service Hours

Please visit to view operating hours for eateries in the Mane Course, the Market, and Cafe 100.

2013-2014 Special Building Hours

September 2 Labor Day Closed
October 14 Fall Break 7AM-5PM
October 15 Fall Break 7AM-5PM
November 28-December 1 Thanksgiving Weekend Closed
December 19-20 Winter Break 7AM-7PM
December 21 Fall Graduation Closed
December 22-31 Winter Break Closed
January 1 New Year's Day Closed
January 2-3 Winter Break 7AM-5PM
January 4-5 Winter Break Closed
January 6-10 Winter Break 7AM-5PM
January 11-12 Winter Break Closed
January 13-16 Winter Break 7AM-5PM
January 20 Martin Luther King, Jr. Day Closed
March 8-9 Spring Break (weekend) Closed
March 10-14 Spring Break 7AM-5PM
March 15-16 Spring Break (weekend) Closed
April 18-20 Easter Closed
May 14-16 Summer Break 7AM-5PM
May 17-18 Spring Graduation Weekend Closed
May 19-23 Summer Break 7AM-5PM
May 24-26 Memorial Day Weekend Closed
May 27-30 Summer Break 7AM-5PM
May 31 Summer Break Closed