Student Center

HTSC Governing Board

The Hughes-Trigg Student Center Governing Board is empowered by the University President through the Vice President for Student Affairs to implement the Mission Statement of the Hughes-Trigg Student Center. This Board, in reflecting the university- wide nature of its charge, is composed of students, faculty, staff and alumni appointed by the President and has, as its purpose, the legislation of policies for the Student Center. Broad authority for policy implementation and interpretation shall be vested in the Director and staff of the Student Center. In the absence of specific policy guidelines, the staff shall exercise reasonable decision-making in attempting to assure smooth and effective operations. While the Board will not be involved in the day-to-day operation of the building, legislative activity shall include, but not be limited to, the following:
  1. Contract review and approval involving Student Center operating area, and operating agreements between the Student Center and campus auxiliary operations which are housed in the building and with outside leasing agents.
  2. Appeals of staff decisions and policy disputes. The board will have final authority subject to review by the President.
  3. Space allocations to University departments, student organizations, campus auxiliary operations, and outside leasing agencies.
  4. Determination of rental fees and space lease rates.
  5. Assist in personnel decisions for major Student Center positions within the framework established by the University for such matters.
  6. Approval of remodeling/renovation projects and expenditures from the Student Center Repair and Replacement Reserve Account.
  7. Establishment of Constitution and By-laws for the conducting of Board affairs.
  8. Approve and appoint ex-officio members of the Board to enhance the communications and smooth functioning between the Student Center and other building occupants -- i.e. Convenience Store Manager, Dining Services Manager. The Student Center Governing Board agendas and minutes are available at the Student Center administrative offices.

Responsibilities of the Board

The student center governing board is the policy-making board for the SMU Student Center. The Student Center Governing Board is directly and solely responsible to the Vice-President for Student Affairs and in turn to the University President. The Student Center Governing Board oversees and has responsibility for the following:
  1. Establish policy pertaining to the allocation of space in the Student Center and the requirements of groups and individuals using the facilities.
  2. Allocate space in the Student Center.
  3. Set rates for the Student Center facilities.
  4. Aid in direction of Student Center programs.
  5. Advise Director of the Student Center in disbursement of the Student Center contingency fund.
  6. Receive complaints from within and without the organization and makes final decisions or resolution.
  7. Promote favorable relationships of the University to its alumni and to off-campus groups its facilities.