Plan Your Event

Plan Your Event

This page contains information for reserving space in Hughes-Trigg (HTSC), which includes meeting and event rooms, the West Bridge, and the Crossing. Rates and frequently asked questions are located on the bottom of the page.

Please note we will begin accepting reservations for events taking place between June 1, 2017 - May 31, 2018 on Monday, March 27 at 8:00 AM.

Reserve a Room in HTSC

Reserve a West Bridge Table

West Bridge Table Request Form (links to Orgs@SMU)

The West Bridge tables are a popular resource used to:

  1. Promote an upcoming event or activity sponsored by a campus department or student organization;
  2. Recruit members to a student organization;
  3. Fund-raise for a student organization or an event.

Tables may be reserved by the following:

  • SMU campus departments
  • SMU student organizations that are registered on Orgs@SMU. The person requesting must be a member of the organization and listed on the public roster.

Guidelines for Reservation

  • West Bridge tables may be reserved by one organization for a maximum of 3 consecutive days for 2 consecutive weeks.
  • The Mane Desk will provide groups 2 chairs and 1 6'x18" table (the maximum allowed by fire code).
  • We can accept up to six reservations on any given day on a first-come, first reserve basis. A maximum of three tables is allowed at the West Bridge area; if more than three groups request space at the West Bridge the fourth through sixth requests will be booked at the Crossing.
  • You are expected to follow all University policies, state and federal laws and regulations while tabling.
  • Please note this form is only a request. If your reservation is approved then you will receive an estimate from Please follow all instructions on the estimate to finalize your reservation.

Cancellation Policy

West Bridge Tables are very popular! If you are no longer able to table at the West Bridge please email the Reservations Account at or respond to the email containing your estimate ASAP.

Groups that are more than 15 minutes late to their reservation will be considered "no shows" and the table will be released to another group. No shows who do not communicate may lose the privilege to table at the West Bridge.

Reserve the Crossing

Crossing (Counter Space) Request Form

Information and Pricing

The Crossing is a counter space located in our central Commons area. It provides organizations outside the University community space to distribute materials and/or conduct sales. It is also used to accommodate overflow reservations for the West Bridge. The Crossing space is 255 square feet large and the counter space is 10'6"; long by 2'2" deep.

One section of the counter space is available for $125 per day. The entire space (all three sections) can be reserved for $350 per day. Most groups reserve one section and find it is sufficient to meet their needs. If you end up being the only group reserving the space that day you are welcome to spread out and use the entire counter.

Guidelines for Use

  1. Sales and distributions may be conducted only on weekdays during the spring and fall semesters from 10:00 am to 4:00 pm. Reservations are not accepted during Finals Week.
  2. Users are to confine their advertising to the space provided. Signs may be hung in front of the designated space or the bar behind the counter with painter's tape. Nails, pins, and tape with an adhesive stronger than painter's tape will damage our center and are not allowed. Please do not hang signs or banners on the back wall or block the timeclock located by the south entrance of the space.
  3. The Student Center does not provide storage and will assume no liability for materials left overnight at the Crossing.
  4. Food and beverages may be consumed in the Crossing; however, alcohol is prohibited.
  5. Any items that are illegal may not be sold or distributed.
  6. Sales and distributions in the Student Center are subject to the policies of Southern Methodist University. Appropriate sales taxes must be charged and paid by the reserving group.

Reservation Procedure:

The Crossing may be requested by filling out the Crossing (Counter Space) Request Form. Please allow two-to-three business days for processing. If it is approved you will receive a document called an Estimate. The Estimate will have your reservation number, it will let you know what section of the Crossing, what time, and what date you've been booked. The reservation is finalized when a signed copy (either digital or hard copy) of the Estimate is returned to the Reservations Office located in the Student Activities office, suite 314 on the third floor of HTSC. Please note your reservation must be finalized one week before the first booking date.


For parking information on campus please visit This website has a parking map for visitors available on the right side of the page (for easy reference, HTSC is building #46 on the visitor parking map). Guest parking is available in Moody Garage (#98) or in Binkley Garage (#63). There is also limited metered parking available on McFarlin Boulevard, north of Hughes-Trigg.

If you have equipment to load you may temporarily park in the turnaround on the southeast side of the building. Our building's main entrance (steps, no ramp) is on the south side but we have an entrance on the west side if you need to roll in your materials.

Payment Information:

We take payment in the form of a check. You may send payment earlier for pre-processing but payment in full is due at the time of arrival on the date of the first booking. Please make the check out to SMU Student Center and write the five digit reservation number located on your estimate in the memo line of the check. Once payment is processed in my system I will send you a receipt via email.

Room Rates, Information, and Equipment Rates

The below information is available to assist groups in creating budgets for events, and also has our most frequently asked questions and pictures of our rooms.

Please contact Dolores Henry, Meetings and Events Coordinator, at 214-768-4440 or if you have any questions.