Student Affairs Finance

SA Departmental Grant Fund Guidelines & Criteria


Deadline: Wednesday, June 7, 2013 at 5pm
Applicants can submit the application through email ( ), by 5 pm of the deadline date.
Late submissions will not be accepted.

Application Notes

Departments seeking support from the SA Departmental Grant Fund (DGF) must submit a grant proposal which must be typed and filled out completely. In addition, your proposal must address the DGF Criteria listed below;    

  1. The proposal must be detailed including a budget outlining specific proposed expenditures;
  2. The proposal must include a list of all sources of support, financial and non-financial, and the dollar amount requested from the DGF;
  3. The proposal must show how the proposed project/work aligns with the university and Divisional Strategic plans (promoting student learning experiences everywhere, and pursing an exemplary division of Student Affairs);
  4. The proposal must outline the intended outcomes and assessment plan;
        It may be useful to include pertinent information in your proposal about your department that you would like the DGF Committee to know.

Applications shall be submitted to the Office of the VPSA, P.O. Box 750471 (Perkins Administration). Attn: Departmental Grant Fund. Applications will be considered on a rolling basis beginning May 15, 2012 and ending June 30, 2012.

Grant Criteria:

The DGF Committee will be considering the following in evaluating submitted proposals:

  1. Overall quality and merit of proposal, how it affects students,
  2. The number of students and other campus community members that will be directly and indirectly impacted by the proposal.
  3. Collaboration with other groups to co-sponsor the proposed project/work.
  4. Proposed project/work should be related to student success, promoting student learning experiences everywhere, and pursing an exemplary division of Student Affairs.

Typically, DGF Awards are given to new and innovative programs with a projected impact on the SMU Student Community.

Grant awards may not be used to fund salaries or stipends. Travel expenses will only be considered if the proposed project benefits SMU Student Community. The DGF Awarding Committee may award partial funding for a particular proposal.