1.1 Travel Policy

Consistent with University policy 3.7 (Travel Management Policy), the following document clarifies the practices that Student Affairs staff are expected to follow, in addition to University policy, when on business travel.  Failure to follow these practices may result in denial of travel reimbursement request or other action as appropriate:

  • Pre-approval required:  The Vice President for Student Affairs (VPSA) must approve all out of town travel before any expenditures, including conference registration, are incurred. A cost estimate must accompany all travel pre-approval requests. The Vice President for Student Affairs will authorize a spending limit based on this estimate. Expenses exceeding this spending limit must be approved by the VPSA upon returning from travel.   A staff member’s immediate supervisor and respective Executive Director must approve all travel requests before submitted to VPSA.
  • Itemized receipts:  A detailed receipt must be submitted for any expense if an employee is requesting reimbursement.  A detailed restaurant receipt is always required for meal reimbursement. 
    • The University allows for reimbursement of “reasonable and necessary” expenditures.  While this standard may not be easily quantified, one may refer to publicly available information, such as the federal government’s per diem rates, for guidance on reasonable costs.
    • Credit card charge slips will not be an acceptable form of documentation to support a “reasonable and necessary” cost. 
    • Travelers who are unable to produce detailed receipts must submit a detailed accounting,  including the date, location, items purchased, total cost, gratuity and other individuals present, if any.  The missing receipt form available on the University Controller’s website may be used to facilitate this requirement.
    • Alcohol:  Student Affairs will reimburse staff for no more than one alcoholic beverage per meal after normal business hours.  Any other entertainment events involving purchasing alcohol must be reasonable and necessary under the circumstances.  Staff are expected to follow University policy 9.33 (Alcohol Policy) at all times.
    • Travel subclass:  Any prepaid travel expenses must be charged to the individual’s travel subclass.  Because the staff member may be held personally responsible for charges to his/her subclass, cross-charging to another employee’s subclass is not allowed. 
Checked baggage fees:  Student Affairs will reimburse