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Tablet Computer Policy

Student Affairs Tablet Computer/Mobile Device Policy

In an increasingly mobile work environment, the Division of Student Affairs has established this policy to guide departments considering mobile technology (e.g. iPads, Android tablets, etc.) to achieve business objectives.  Departments interested in procuring tablet computers must obtain authorization prior to purchasing. A formal, written proposal should be written and submitted to the Assistant Vice President for Student Affairs/Executive Director of Finance.

Step One:  Writing the Proposal

A formal, written proposal addressing the following issues:

  1. Business Case
    1. What business problem is the department addressing? Describe the current problem, including impact on budget and student/customer service, and other relevant facts.
    2. How does a mobile device fit into the business solution? What have you done to investigate how a mobile device will help solve this problem? What other alternatives to the business problem have you investigated and why are mobile devices the best solution?
    3. What is the scope of the solution? Describe the number of staff members, and the nature of responsibilities who are involved in solving the business problem.
    4. How will you assess the effectiveness of the mobile device in solving the business problem?
  2. Cost and logistics
    1. Is your solution on a “project-basis” or an on-going basis? Will the mobile device be issued to one person or checked out as needed?
    2. In addition to the mobile device, what other software or hardware will be needed?
    3. What is the cost and time frame for the implementation? How will the mobile device be funded?
    4. What is your plan for audit/inventory of the mobile device? What is the plan for replacement?

Step Two:

Complete the Request to Purchase Tablet Devices form and obtain signatures within the department as indicated. Attach a detailed budget with both one-time and ongoing costs and how the costs will be funded.  Submit the proposal to the Assistant Vice President for Student Affairs/Executive Director of Finance.